Red Dead Online fan creates incredibly detailed item map

Bill Cooney

One fan has created a very detailed map of item locations for Red Dead Online players who would rather live off what they can find and steal rather than buy it like some kind of city folk.

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Red Dead Redemption 2’s single player mode offers players even more items spread around the world, and already has its own detailed map that shows items, weapons, stranger quests and basically everything else players need to find something in the game.

The online mode doesn’t have as fully-stocked a world as single player, but there are still a ton of items spread throughout the map that players can just pick up and use instead of spending hard-earned money on.

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The map was created by Reddit user lulzenburg and a link to the tool was posted to the Red Dead Redemption subreddit. It features the in-game map, with filters for every lootable item in the Online game.

Let’s say a player wants some cheese, but doesn’t want to spend money and go pick up the order. Instead, they can go to the map, select “cheese” from the legend, see which location is closest and head out.

Obviously, the map can only zoom in so far, so the exact location of the item may take a little searching, but using the Eagle Eye ability should make finding items pretty simple.

Here’s the location of all the free cheese in Red Dead Online using the map’s filter.[ad name=”article3″]

Fast Travel locations are also included in the map, and lulzenburg said on Reddit that the site would soon have a form for anyone to submit information and locations to the map.

Like GTA Online, Red Dead Online has already seen updates and will probably see more content rolled out by Rockstar in coming months.