Real Housewives Of Potomac fans aren’t enjoying the Nneka and Wendy drama

Areesha Khan
nneka ihim and wendy osefo of rhopInstagram: imnneka, wendyosefo

RHOP fans are not new to the Housewives clashing with each other, yet the Nneka and Wendy drama still has them in disbelief. Here is what fans have been saying about the whole situation.

Things got messy in the new episodes of RHOP Season 8 when the newbie, Nneka Ihim, made some serious claims about Dr. Wendy Osefo. Nenka and Wendy come from similar cultural backgrounds, as both of them are Igbo Nigerians.

Fans were expecting the two Housewives to get along and bond over their shared ethnicity. However, as the season progressed, they watched the opposite happen. Nneka’s accusations towards Dr. Wendy were not taken lightly by the RHOP fans.

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What is the Nneka and Wendy drama about?

rhop season 8Instagram: realhousewivespotomac
RHOP season 8 full cast

Nneka made some serious ‘witchy’ allegations towards Wendy and her family that just aren’t sitting right with the viewers. Nneka claimed that two weeks before she met Wendy at costar Ashley’s housewarming party, a phone call happened between Wendy’s sister and Nneka’s cousin-in-law. The phone call was, allegedly, a warning card for Nneka to stop using Dr. Wendy’s name for clout.

Right after that call, Nneka’s cousin-in-law received yet another call from Dr. Wendy’s mother, who threatened to ‘put a hex’ on her through a shrine.

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Nneka expressed all this to her husband, Ikenna Ihim, and said, “It seemed like she, her sister and her mom, were trying to prevent me from interacting with these women.”

The whole drama actually started when Ashley Darby approached Dr. Wendy to question if her family was “Osu.” Osu is a Nigerian cultural term that refers to people who are outcasted from the community for being “cursed.” Ashley said that was what Nneka had been saying behind Wendy’s back.

On the other hand, Dr. Wendy denied all claims and said that Nneka is coming after her for no reason. She said, “I think Nneka’s sole motive is to attack me within this group; the only time Nneka pipes up is if it involves Wendy Osefo.” 

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What are the RHOP saying about the Nneka and Wendy drama?

rhop seson 8Instagram: robyndixon10
Part of the Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8 cast: Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, Robyn Dixon, Gizelle Bryant, Wendy Osefo, and Ashley Darby.

Fans have expressed their distaste on Reddit. Some blame costar Ashley Darby for brewing the drama, while others are calling out Bravo for setting up this storyline. Few people expressed that they were mad at Wendy for not listening to Candance’s warnings.

A fan commented: “Even if they just talked about themselves, that could have been refreshing for the season without the messiness.” While another said, “Ashley the agent of chaos caused it.”

There were quite a few fans who chose to stand by Nneka’s words and said that her allegations made sense.

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A fan on Reddit commented: “I’m calling it. Nneka was submitted for the show. She told producers she knew Wendy and Eddie. Wendy said, ‘I don’t know that bih.’ Her mom said, ‘Nooooo, she’s not gonna use you for this show,’ and claims she knows you and started making the phone calls.”

It is clear that the fans are upset and are not enjoying this drama. Another Redditor expressed their opinion on the drama and commented: “Fake and dragged out, easily resolvable beef.”

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 Another RHOP fan heartbreakingly said, “it’s hard to watch, Potomac is starting to mirror RHOBH in terms of hostility.”

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