Rainbow Six pro banned for a year following Pro League NDA controversy


Rainbow Six Siege professional player Kian ‘Hyena’ Mozayani has been hit with a one-year ban from Ubisoft’s hit FPS title, just weeks after his Luminosity Gaming team seemed to be unceremoniously ousted from the Pro League.

On April 14, Hyena posted a Twitlonger about how he and his LG teammates were “left in the dark” throughout the org’s discussions with Ubisoft in regards to the LAN league.

Eventually, this led to the team no longer being in the Pro League and without any real plan on what to do next – but it appears, in Hyena’s case at least, that a decision may have been made for him.

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The latest Rainbow Six Operation, Steel Wave, is due later in June 2020.

When Hyena first revealed what was going on behind the scenes, he opened his statement by saying “F**k an NDA,” implying he was going against a Non-Disclosure Agreement set up by Ubisoft or Luminosity.

You don’t often see players get year-long bans – not least professional players – but Hyena has become the exception after posting a tweet he received from Ubisoft, saying that his account has been banned for 12 months following a breach of Rainbow Six Siege’s Code of Conduct.

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It’s not quite clear why exactly Hyena was suspended, or what exactly occurred to “breach” the Code of Conduct, but some seem to believe that it may come down to the aforementioned NDA that he ignored.

This claim hasn’t been verified yet but it appears to be the most likely cause as of right now, despite neither party coming out and clarifying.

Hyena isn’t the first professional Rainbow Six player to be banned by Ubisoft, with French star Stéphane ‘Shaiiko’ Lebleu also being handed a two-year ban in October 2017 after an investigation found he had used macros in a Pro League match. His ban was lifted after 18 months, so it’s possible that we don’t see Hyena face the full ban.

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