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R6 Pro League Season 11 finals details revealed: location, date, more

Published: 16/Feb/2020 21:48

by Andrew Amos


The Rainbow 6 Pro League will be returning to Brazil in Season 11, with the top eight teams in the world set to duke it out in May for over $250,000 in prize money.

With the Six Invitational almost wrapped up for 2020, Ubisoft are starting to look forward into the years to come for Rainbow 6 esports.

With Season 11 of Pro League already halfway done and anticipation building for the finals, they took to the stage during the Year 5 Roadmap panel to share where they’d be taking Rainbow 6 on the road next.

Rainbow 6 Pro League is returning to Brazil in Season 11.

The Pro League will be going back to Latin America, with Sao Paulo, Brazil announced as the hosts of the Season 11 finals. It’s a return to the region after three seasons after the Season 8 finals were held in Rio de Janeiro. The top two teams from North America, Europe, Latin America, and APAC will qualify for the event.


The Season 11 finals will be held on May 16-17, just a week before the ESL Rio Major on May 21-24 for CS:GO. The prize pool is yet to be revealed, but it’s expected to be upwards of $250,000 after Season 10 finals had $290,000 on the line.

It will also be the final event for Rainbow 6 Pro League as we know it. In 2020 onwards, the best teams will be competing for points to qualify for majors, and the Six Invitational, in a new regional system.

Rainbow 6 Esports 2020 Plan
The Pro League as we know it will wrap up in Sao Paulo in the Season 11 finals.

The next 12 months is expected to be a transition period, with top-level regional play being expanded to 10 teams in North America, Europe, and Latin America.


For APAC, 12 teams will split across two leagues ⁠– a North division containing Korea, Japan, and SEA, and a South division with Australia and emerging regions.

The best four teams from each region will qualify for majors, held in August and November, and there’ll be a set of qualifiers held in January before the Six Invitational in 2021.

Rainbow 6 2021 esports plan
2021 will see Rainbow 6 esports expand to three majors and new regional play.

From 2021, Rainbow 6 will run off a points circuit to determine the best teams across the world. The top 20 each year based off major results and domestic play will qualify for the Six Invitational with no regional limits.

The Rainbow 6 Pro League Season 11 finals in Sao Paulo are expected to be held some time in May, with a more solid date to be confirmed in the coming weeks.