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Charles Leclerc left red-faced after girlfriend’s hilarious Twitch sub

Published: 18/May/2020 8:51 Updated: 18/May/2020 9:09

by Isaac McIntyre


Ferrari superstar driver Charles Leclerc was left red-faced in the middle of a recent Twitch stream, after girlfriend Charlotte Siné was forced to subscribe to his channel to tell him she was locked out of their Monaco apartment.

Formula 1 news this past week has been dominated by the musical chairs on the real-life grid. For Leclerc, it means a new wingman: four-time champion Sebastian Vettel has left Ferrari; Carlos Sainz Jr. is set to be his replacement.

Those swaps may be at the forefront of most F1 fans’ minds, but for Leclerc he may have a tricky situation at home to navigate before he thinks about the news: the Ferrari star has a fair bit of apologizing to do with his new girlfriend.

Charles Leclerc fell foul to the most human of errors ⁠— being too engrossed in his gaming ⁠— when Sine returned home. First she tried texting him, and calling him, before she had to resort to buying a Twitch subscription to contact him.

The Monegasque soon, rather sheepishly, discovered his mistake when he saw Charlotte’s name flash up as his latest subscriber: “Ah! My girlfriend! My girlfriend is on Twitch telling me to open the apartment, poor her!”

The Ferrari driver returned soon after, having let Sine into their apartment. He even had a cheeky laugh at her expense with his Twitch viewers too. “My girlfriend had to subscribe to my channel to tell me that I had to open the door, so I gained a subscription,” Charles laughed. “I’m so happy.”

According to Leclerc, she “waited for 25 minutes downstairs” because he wasn’t paying any attention to his phone and had headphones on too. She soon realized she could reach him through Twitch, and shot through two messages: “OUVRE MOI STP” (roughly, ‘let me in’) and simply “CHARLES.”

Unfortunately for the Formula 1 star, however, his partner seemed far from the supportive mood considering just how long she had to wait. In the end, she had to fork out €6.99 ($5USD) to gain access to his ‘sub-only’ Twitch chat.

Charlotte’s hilarious Twitch message wasn’t the only time she’s hijacked Leclerc’s stream recently either. Late last week ⁠— just after the Vettel news had broken ⁠— Sine was involved in a sim race behind Charles on-stream.

The 20-year-old Instagram influencer seemed to get a good start in the race, but things soon fell apart when she slammed into an AI-controlled Vettel. Leclerc could only laugh as his old teammate was dumped out of the race.


Kenzie Ziegler’s boyfriend throws shade after TikTok Room Awards loss

Published: 29/Nov/2020 22:43

by Charlotte Colombo


After Dance Moms alumni Kenzi Ziegler missed out on honors at the TikTok Room Awards, her boyfriend, Tacoda Dubbs, made his feelings on the loss clear with a petty comment on social media.

It was a tense night on November 28 as the stars of TikTok anxiously awaited the results of TikTok Room’s first-ever awards show. Among the 28 categories, one of the most highly-contested ones was ‘Best Dancer (Female),’ as a total of seven TikTok stars were in the running for this award, including Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, Jalaiah Harmon, Haley Sharpe, Zoi Lerma, Syera Plitt, and Kenzie Ziegler.

However, Charli D’Amelio ended up winning the category – which was voted for by fans – by a significant landslide. TikTok Room revealed that she picked up 33.7% of the voter share, and received 158,885 votes in total. Meanwhile, Kenzie Ziegler only received 11% of the votes, which landed her in fourth place.

As TikTok Room announced the results on their Instagram account, Kenzie Ziegler’s boyfriend, Tacoda Dubbs, commented a shady “ahahaha” under the post, implying that he was laughing at the result.

The plot then thickened when Dubbs posted a video of himself dancing with Kenzie on his Instagram story, quipping that she would “always be the best dancer to [him]”.

Fan responses to Tacoda’s fierce defense of his girlfriend’s loss were mixed; one Instagram user asked, “Why so petty? This is a VIRTUAL awards show”, while another user remarked that “it seems like he’s bringing down Charli to make his girlfriend feel good.”

Meanwhile, other fans agreed with Dubbs’ sentiments, claiming that Ziegler deserved to win more than D’Amelio.

“Maddie [Ziegler] and Kenzie walked so TikTok dancers can run,” one Instagram fan wrote, while another user remarked that Tacoda is “not wrong,” in a comment that amassed over 100,000 likes.

This is just the latest drama that’s been surrounding Ziegler and her family; Kenzie’s older sister – dancer and actress, Maddie Ziegler – found herself under scrutiny this November after it was announced that she would be playing a non-verbal autistic girl in the movie Music, which is directed by pop star Sia.