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PUBG • May 02, 2019

Top 20 highest earning PUBG pro players - Updated May 7, 2019

Top 20 highest earning PUBG pro players - Updated May 7, 2019
Graphics: PUBG, Bluehole

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has staged many thrilling competitive events since the game first released and with the game's competitive scene still battling it out for massive prize pools, let's take a look at the top 20 highest earning professional players. 

PUBG burst onto the scene in March 2017 with the vision to take its battle royale concept to the mainstream and it has certainly achieved that, but it's now going toe-to-toe with Fortnite Battle Royale, Apex Legends, Call of Duty and others in the ever-growing BR market.

As more and more Twitch streamers and professional players started playing the game, the interest in the game mode surged and so to have the prize pools. During the first two years of competition, over $10 million worth of prize money has been awarded to successful gamers. 

The competitions stepped up a notch when FACEIT announced their official integration of PUBG in September 2018 and fans have been treated to some incredible moments since, with a stunning, game-winning 1v6 clutch play at the PUBG FACEIT Global Summit 2019 from Sun ‘Cpt’ Yu-Ze to clinch victory. 

PUBG Corp.
A lot of changes have been made to PUBG since the game first launched in 2017.

The largest prize pool ever seen for a PUBG competitive event was the 2018 Global Invitational, where $1 million was up for grabs. The eventual winners were team Oh My God, which consisted of four Chinese players: silentBT_, lionkk, xiaohaixxxx and xiaorong. 

The four Chinese competitive players shared winnings of $430,000 between them, with the statistics below showing just how much their performance at that event affected the worldwide standings of winningest pro players. 

Thanks to esportsEarnings, fans can see which of their favorite players have pocketed the most cash from their tournament performances. 

Top 20 highest earning PUBG players - Updated May 2, 2019

#8EscASouth Korea$153,763
#9SimsnSouth Korea$125,722
#11ChelatorSouth Korea$125,350
#12LokiSouth Korea$125,350
#14Hwan2daSouth Korea$93,634
#15HulkSouth Korea$90,391
#16StarlordSouth Korea$90,391
#18DaengcheSouth Korea$85,337
#19MenteulSouth Korea$84,103

The PEL 2019 Kick-Off Cup took place between April 30 and May 5, with a prize pool of $125,000 up for grabs. 

While that might not seem substantial in comparison to other esports, Team Liquid picked up $50,000 for first place, Se7en eSports collected $22,500, FaZe Clan were awarded $15,000 and UNITY took home $7,000 - all impacting the top player standings. 

Upcoming PUBG competitive tournaments


Both the Fragleague Season 2 Top Division and Open Division are ongoing, which could have an impact on the above standings. 

The Top Division kicked off on April 14 and will run through to June 2, while the Open Division started on April 10 and is set to end on May 29, making the events something PUBG fans should certainly look out for. 

National PUBG League 2019, Phase 2

The second phase of the National PUBG League (NPL) 2019 kicked off on May 4 and will run through until June 8, meaning that there will be five weeks of competitive play. 

With 16 teams competing for a prize pool of $200,000, the results of these matches could have a significant impact on the highest paid player standings. We'll keep you posted with updates as and when results come through. 

Here's how the NPL 2019 schedule will shape up for PUBG esports competitors.
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