PUBG world champions Soniqs win insane prize money: Global Invitational.S 2021 results

Soniqs celebrate winning PUBG eventTwitch: PUBG

Susquehanna Soniqs have been crowned the winners of the PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021 and as a result, they’re taking home a huge amount of money from a gigantic prize pool.

Over the last few years, prize pools for esports events have continued to grow and grow, with some ridiculous amounts being on offer in some games.

PUBG, while it might have faded away from casual play, at least in the west, still has a dedicated fanbase and is continuing its growth in the esports scene.

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Even though, like other esports, there haven’t been too many LANs recently, events have still been taking place, the most recent of which being the PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021, where the bragging rights of being world champions was up for grabs.

PUBG CoverPUBG Corporation
PUBG released in early access in March 2017 and is still going well.

Unlike other world championship events, where it’s played out over a weekend or two, the PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021 was made up of six weeks worth of action. The overall winner would be the side who picked up the most prize money over the six weeks.

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In the end, the American-Australian roster of Susquehanna Soniqs came out as champions, taking home a whopping $1,296,189 for their efforts.

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Some might question just how they’ve managed to win so much, but they’ve done so because the prize pool was partly crowdfunded and backed by the developers – just like Dota’s International and League of Legends Worlds. In the end, the total prize pool for the PUBG event was over $7 million.

Interestingly, the $7 million total prize pool places the event up there with some of the biggest in esports history. Dota’s International 9 holds the record with a $34 million prize pool, beating Fortnite’s World Championship’s $30 million.

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Additionally, the Soniqs weren’t the only ones to claim $1 million in prize winnings. The second-placed Zenith E-Sports claimed just over $1 million as well.

Third-placed Gen.G came just short of winning $1 million themselves, grabbing $928,000. There’s some serious money on offer in PUBG.

PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021 final placements

Place Winnings Team 
1st $1,296,189  Susquehanna Soniqs
2nd $1,009,822  Zenith E-Sports
3rd $928,182  Gen.G Esports
4th $455,299  Four Angry Men
5th $445,879  Multi Circle Gaming
6th $391,871  Digital Athletics
7th $389,359  Meta Gaming
8th $302,067  Infantry
9th $253,711  FaZe Clan
10th $150,648
11th $150,648  Shoot To Kill
12th $131,856  Daytrade Gaming
13th $89,312  Afreeca Freecs
14th $77,972  ENCE
15th $72,680  Team Liquid
16th $66,632  Petrichor Road
17th $62,096  Natus Vincere
18th $60,584  Tianba
19th $59,072  Oath Gaming
20th $59,072  T1
21st $56,048  Triumphant Song Gaming
22nd $53,024  K7 Esports
23rd $51,512  Buriram United Esports
24th $51,512  Attack All Around
25th $51,512  DivisionX Gaming
26th $51,512  FURIA Esports
27th $50,000  TSM
28th $50,000  Global Esports Xsset
29th $50,000  ENTER FORCE.36
30th $50,000  Divine Esports
31st $50,000  DAMWON Gaming
32nd $50,000  DetonatioN Gaming White