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PUBG slammed for offering "disrespectful" skins to popular streamer

Published: 15/Sep/2019 16:22

by Connor Bennett


Members of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds community have slammed the game’s developers for offering Team SoloMid’s Gary ‘BreaK’ Marshall a round of lackluster skins. 

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Getting your own signature cosmetics in a game is usually a sign of commitment to a title and having the developers celebrate your contributions to the community. We’ve already seen streamers like Shroud, Dr Disrespect, and more get PUBG skins but other creators have been left on the sidelines. 

However, with the Bluehole team seemingly getting around to a new set of creator skins, they’ve come under fire for offering TSM BreaK – a PUBG dedicated streamer – no primary weapon skins, and only secondary choices. 


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Twitter: TSMBreaK – third from the left – has competed for TSM at PUBG events.

During his September 13 stream, BreaK announced to his viewers that the developers had been in contact over giving him his own signature skins. 

So, we got offered skins for PUBG,” BreaK told his viewers. “I’ve got three days to decide.” After a few moments of silence, and thanking viewers for subscribing, the streamer continued on. 

“I’m not lying, but, we got no primary weapon skins. I have choices of pistols, uzis, or shotguns – and I wanted to ask you guys what would you want,” he added before laughing at his viewer’s comments about the choices. 


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After the clip circulated around the PUBG community, Pittsburgh Knights streamer Rusk1turbo tweeted it out again, with the caption: “Is this a joke @PUBG???” 

The Knights streamer also continued by praising Break’s contributions to the game, before adding “What an absolute joke, he deserves so much better and you know it!”

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Other PUBG players chimed in on Rusk1turbo’s post to agree with his sentiment and continued the praise of Break – who has been around the game since it was in an Alpha state.

That included Jake ‘ChocoTaco’ Throop, who had his own PUBG parachute skin in-game through the limited-time Twitch streamer set back in April. ChocoTaco stated: “This is so stupid.”


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Fellow TSM member Colton ‘Viss’ Visser also made his feelings known about the choices – by even tagging Twitch on Twitter and asking why Break had been offered “lame skins.”

He followed up, adding: “One of your most loyal supporters of the game, continues to make content till this day. This is disrespectful.”

Seeing as the developers laid out Break’s options to him and gave him a deadline of three days, it’s probably unlike that they will change course and offer the streamer something different.