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PUBG • Sep 02, 2019

Dr Disrespect roasts PUBG ping issues with hilarious 'Doc Cast' skit

Dr Disrespect roasts PUBG ping issues with hilarious 'Doc Cast' skit
Dr Disrespect, Twitch

Dr Disrespect took viewers by surprise as he snapped into action with an unexpected Doc Cast, after experiencing some server issues in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. 


The popular variety streamer mixes up the games that he chooses to play on Twitch on a regular basis and now he's decided to mix up his hilarious casting segments as well. 

In the past, Dr Disrespect has saved his Doc Cast commentaries for the endgame in matches, or destroying peeking players in PUBG, but this time he used the segment to roast the latency between his own server and the game's - otherwise known as ping. 

Dr Disrespect, YouTube
Doc Casts are among Dr Disrespect's most popular segments on Twitch.


The Two-Time hadn't even got into a game yet and he was already getting frustrated by PUBG, after noticing that the ping was jumping up and down. 

While he might have been looking at the ping indicator on the left of his screen, there's no doubt that all eyes were on him as the Doc Cast animation appeared. 

"Ladies and gentlemen we're on board ping," he said, before commentating on every single change in digits. "Ping at 56, bounces back up to 58, catapults to 59, drops down inconsistently to 58. Now he's hovering around 59 to 60."


"The Blueball's [Bluehole] Entertainment Software South Korean servers don't know what they want to do," he added, before unleashing a primeval roar to bring the casting to an end. 

It just goes to show that Dr Disrespect at the very top of his game can make even the most boring thing on his screen turn into something more exciting, and that's one of the reasons his channel has built up a total of 3.6 million followers at the time of writing. 

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