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PUBG cross-play is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in the Fall

Published: 19/Aug/2019 17:15 Updated: 19/Aug/2019 17:46

by Eli Becht


A major Gamescom announcement revealed that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be testing cross-play for Xbox One and PS4 players in September before officially releasing in October.

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More and more games have been adapting cross-play between consoles, with Rocket League and Fortnite as two notable names so far.

Soon, you’ll be able to add PUBG to that list as cross-play is being implemented to the public test servers in late September, but only if you’re an Xbox One or PS4 player, according to an announcement from Gamescom 2019.

PUBGCrossplay is coming soon!
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Despite releasing on PC long before ever coming to consoles, it doesn’t sound like the idea has been floated there, at least not yet. 


Fortnite has shown that you can blend keyboard and mouse users with controller players so if that’s the main concern, it should be put to rest. However, not many games have fully adopted complete cross-play.

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Once testing is done for cross-play, they will hit the live servers in October, but no official release date has been locked down as of yet. Provided no snags are found, it shouldn’t be long after testing wraps up.

On top of this news, PUBG is also working to streamline the updates on consoles. Currently, updates hit PC first and while they will continue to do this, it will be much faster than what it is now.


PUBGPS4 and Xbox One players will soon be able to play each other.
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The team is working on getting updates out on consoles within two weeks of release on PC, which allows everyone to get in on the action quicker and will greatly benefit the playerbase.

Season 4 content will release on August 27 across all platforms, meaning everyone is able to hop into a new season at the same time. With Season 4 comes a brand-new Battle Pass and an overhaul of the original map Erangel.