Wild Pokemon Unite glitch turns the whole game into night mode


A Pokemon Unite player encountered a glitch that made the environment completely black, as well as their Pokemon invisible to opposing players in one of the strangest bugs we’ve seen yet.

Pokemon Unite has launched onto the scene as a MOBA for Nintendo Switch and mobile players that brings the classic Pokemon charm.

While the game has been considered a massive success since its launch, there have been a handful of bugs and glitches that players have encountered that have hindered their experience playing the game.

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A clip of a player who queued up for a normal match has gone viral for turning on an unwanted “night mode” which transformed the map pitch black, along with other strange effects.

The Pokemon Company
Blissey is one of the handful of new Pokemon added after the game’s release.

Bizzare Unite bug

Reddit user LordHelmii loaded into a Unite match to have a strange experience. To start, the map below the Pokemon isn’t visible and presented itself as a black void instead of the usual grass that covered the ground. The normal music continued to play, but scoring wasn’t possible as the goal was invisible.

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Another interesting part of the glitch is that it seems like opponents couldn’t see the main player, who was using Gabite. Players on the other team would run right past them, meaning they were invisible on their screen. In the clip, as Gabite lays a beatdown on poor Squirtle, he tried to eject away but it was too late as the invisible Gabite took his life.

It also seems like LordHelmii has encountered glitches before, saying: “This game has been full of bugs and crashes for me, but this one takes the cake.”

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Glitches often happen in games early in their life cycles, but this one is uniquely strange, as there are many glitches happening at once with both the environment being black and the player being invisible by the opposing team.

For that Squirtle’s sake, let’s hope the dev team releases a fix soon so he won’t have to fight invisible Pokemon again.

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