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What is the GO Battle League Premier Cup and how will it work?

Published: 30/Apr/2020 3:50

by Paul Cot


There’s another competition coming to GO Battle League, the Premier Cup!

The inaugural Pokemon Go cup competition will be part of the much anticipated GBL Season 2. Not a lot is known about the new format and currently trainers have more questions than answers.

What do we know about the Premier Cup?

While details remain sparse, Niantic did reveal some basic information. The Premier Cup will run concurrently alongside the Master League portion of Season 2.

GO Battle League Premier Cup Competition
The Premier Cup will run alongside GO Battle League Master League in Season 2…

It will be open from June 15, 1pm PDT to July 6, 1pm PDT. The first two weeks of this will see only the Premier Cup and Master League available, while the third week is when all competitions are opened up. The same happened in Season 1.

Much like Master League, there won’t be any limit on CP either. However, there will be some important restrictions to the species you can use – Legendary and Mythical Pokemon won’t be eligible.

There are plenty of non-Legendary and Mythical Pokemon that have high CPs to utilize, but the vast majority of the very highest CP ‘mons are made up of the likes of Dialga, Mewtwo and Rayquaza.

In fact more than 75% of the top 25 Pokemon based on max CP are Legendary and Mythical. So, the Premier Cup could look very different to Master League.

Master League Without Legendary Mythical Pokemon
The likes of Dialga and Lugia will be available in Master League but not the Premier Cup…

Will it be a knockout competition or league?

There are still plenty of questions, though. The most important of those is whether, as its name suggests, it will be an actual cup competition or a league format like we have already seen.

The former would no doubt be more exciting but there would be questions about its feasibility given the sudden death nature of a knockout competition. Therefore, a straight, sudden death knockout cup seems unlikely as this would mean half of all players would only get to play one game.

An alternative way it could work is to have a league within a cup – we’ll explain. Trainers could be put into a league with a selection of others and the top 50% of them in terms of results qualify for the next round.

This could continue all the way through to the very end. A perhaps more likely scenario though, is that each match is against a completely random opponent and the trainers with the most wins/best win ratio qualify for the next round.

Of course at this point this is purely speculative. If it isn’t a cup competition we’ll simply be looking at Master League minus the Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. We can expect Niantic to reveal more details soon.


Pokemon Go January 19 Spotlight Hour: Shroomish, 2x bonus, more

Published: 18/Jan/2021 12:47 Updated: 18/Jan/2021 17:51

by Daniel Megarry


Pokemon Go is celebrating its third Spotlight Hour for January 2021 by focusing on Gen 3 species Shroomish, with plenty of the ‘mon to catch and bonus XP also up for grabs. 

For January’s third Spotlight Hour, Niantic are looking back at the Hoenn region’s Shroomish. It was first introduced in Gameboy Advance titles Ruby and Sapphire, which marked the franchise’s third generation.

The one-hour Spotlight event will give players a chance to stock up on candy for the mushroom-inspired ‘mon, which is useful as collecting a total of 50 candies will allow them to evolve their Shroomish into a Breloom.

If you’re looking for as much information as possible related to the Spotlight Hour on January 19, we’ve got you covered.

Shroomish in Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Shroomish gets the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour on January 19.

Pokemon Go Shroomish Spotlight Hour start time

The mobile title honors a single ‘mon for an hour each Tuesday, making it a limited time affair. During those 60 minutes, fans will see a major boost in spawn rates. This will allow them to stock up on Candy, as well as getting a chance to score a Shiny variant. Shinies are the rarest type in the game, as fans of the franchise will know, and are collectibles for trainers.

Gen III’s Shroomish is getting a Spotlight Hour on January 19. The limited-time event officially kicks off 6PM and ends at 7PM, local time.

Preparation for these Spotlight Hours is key as well, because 60 minutes isn’t much time at all and you don’t want to waste it by visiting PokeStops. Stock up on Pokeballs and berries beforehand, and you’ll be good to go.

A top tip is to use a lure beforehand, as it will increase the amount of Pokemon you encounter in the wild for half an hour.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour bonus

The Shroomish Spotlight Hour coincides with this month’s Mystery Bonus. On January 19, players can get double catch Candy during the celebration.

Players looking to evolve their Shroomish into a Breloom should take advantage of this. The reason being, they will earn double the Candy when they catch Shroomish, allowing them to evolve their favorite creature in less time.

Pokemon Go Mystery Bonus Hour screen.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
In 2021 Mystery Bonus Hour will run alongside Spotlight celebrations.

Unfortunately, Shroomish isn’t currently available as a Shiny variant in Pokemon Go, but we’re hoping that will change soon.

Just like previous years, each month will have a total of four Spotlight Hours that will run every Tuesday. Next up will be the elephant-inspired Phanpy on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

January is jam-packed with events in Pokemon Go. Shroomish’s Spotlight Hour launches on the same day as the Hoenn celebration event, which highlights Gen 3 Pokemon including Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip.