Spinda fanatic collects thousands of Pokemon in search of special patterns

pokemon spinda patterns

A Pokemon Sapphire trainer has caught over 1400 Spinda in a quest to find all of the special spot patterns, and he’s not stopping anytime soon.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire introduced players to Generation 3 which contained 135 new creatures. One of which was Spinda, the Normal-type spot panda Pokemon.

The unassuming creature is easy to pass up at first glance, but it has a secret that many trainers have become enamored with. Spinda has spots on its head that are arranged differently on each creature.

In fact, there are over four-billion different spot combinations trainers can find, and its Shiny form doubles that. While not making a dent in the Spinda spot pile, one trainer has managed to catch over 1000 special patterned Spinda.

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pokemon spinda different patternsThere are over 4.2 billion different Spinda patterns

Pokemon trainer shows off massive Spinda collection

Pokemon trainer and Reddit user Gaias_Minion posted the second part of their special Spinda collection to the Pokemon subreddit. The first part was uploaded in April having then caught over 700 Spinda.

Now, having caught roughly 700 more Spinda, Gaias’ collection has grown to approximately 1,400 special patterned Spinda. Each has its own unique pattern and nickname inspired by its spots.

Gaias stated, “After the first part I didn’t think I’d find many more special patterns, but I was proven wrong. Ended up with about 1400 Spinda in total.”

All of these Spinda have been caught on the user’s copy of Pokemon Sapphire. One comment pointed out that there are over 4.2 billion different Spinda variations, but Gaias says that’s “insane” and that this was a side project once they realized some Spinda had special patterns.

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When a Spinda has a “special pattern” that simply means a pattern that is special to the trainer. Like a Shiny Pokemon, these patterns don’t have any special stats or abilities, they’re just nice to have as a part of a collection.

With an enormous amount of Spinda already at their disposal, it’s unclear whether Gaias_minion will stop at 1,400. Regardless, they’ve inspired other users to start their own Spinda collections.