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Police and firefighters battle for Pokemon Go supremacy

Published: 29/Mar/2019 0:52 Updated: 29/Mar/2019 3:03

by Paul Cot


It isn’t just children and teenagers who are competing for Pokemon Go supremacy. One Pokemon Go gym is constantly being fought over between a town’s police and fire force.

Pokemon Go gym battles

The story which was posted to Reddit says, “So the police and fire station are right next to my library, which is a Pokemon (Go) gym and Pokestop. The cops are the blue team and the firefights are red. They are constantly fighting over the gym.”

Penguintree went on to say, “I found out because I was adding Pokemon to the gym and some cops noticed me playing Pokemon. They asked what team I was on and I told them blue, and they were like damn right.” The police then told the Reddit user about the battles they have.

The Team Medallion means you can change between the Pokemon Go teams, Instinct, Mystic and Valor…

Team medallion

The blue team of course refers to Mystic whereas the red is Valor. It’s appears that their teams were agreed beforehand, or they either developed that way over time.

The recent addition of the Team Medallion would allow them to change to their respective teams. The Team Medallion cost 1,000 Pokecoins.

Adults play too

The perception is that Pokemon Go is only played by children. While they are a large fraction of the user base, this story shows the mobile Pokemon game can be enjoyed by all ages. After all, adults today were brought up on the likes of Pokemon Red, Blue as well as 3D games like Pokemon Stadium.

One police offer replied to the story stating, “As a 30-something in law enforcement, this is probably true. Any job where you drive around all day with sudden bursts of work is really made better by something like Pokemon Go.”

They went on to say, “I played for a long while and when I was sitting in court (the statue out front being a PokeStop) to testify on a case, every officer around me was on their phone and at least half were playing Pokemon Go.”


Pokemon troll goes viral after baiting fans with most expensive card

Published: 26/Nov/2020 23:38

by Brent Koepp


Popular YouTuber SomeThingElseYT went viral online after trolling Pokemon fans. The animator jokingly claimed to have discovered the world’s most expensive Trading Card Game collectible, Pikachu Illustrator, in his garage.

The Pokemon TCG was a major part of many 90s kids’ childhoods. No one could have ever guessed that cards once stuffed in cheap binders could one day sell for as much as a sports car. In 2020 though, the pieces of cardboard have now exploded in value.

At the very top of the list of the most expensive is the incredibly rare Pikachu Illustrator which fetched over $233k at auction in July. On November 24, a YouTuber went viral after joking that he found the collectible in his garage. Only, some thought it was actually real.

Screenshot of rare Pokemon Trading Card Game item Pikachu Illustrator.
ZenMarket / The Pokemon Company
The incredibly rare card worth $233k was used to troll fans in a viral tweet.

Pokemon card joke goes viral on Twitter

In 1998, popular Japanese magazine CoroCoro held an art contest and those who won were given a special promo Pokemon card featuring Pikachu holding a pen. While there was over 39 winners, only 10 are known to have survived today.

Due to its rarity, the item very rarely goes up for sale. In July however, a PSA graded 9 surfaced and fetched a whopping $233k auction – which is currently the world record for most expensive individual TCG collectible sold.

On November 24, YouTuber SomeThingElseYT hilariously joked that he found the “useless” card in his garage. “Found this funny Pikachu card in my garage don’t know what to do with it,” he said. After the tweet went viral, he followed up the post and trolled fans who thought it was real. “Why is everyone so obsessed if I got this in 10th grade.”

Despite the tweet clearly being made in jest, many Trading Card Game fans actually thought the post was serious and freaked out. “Adam…That is the most rare card in the world!’ one user replied. Another fan exclaimed, “THAT IS THE MOST RARE POKEMON CARD EVER. DO NOT GET RID OF IT NO MATTER WHAT.” Another follower echoed a similar sentiment and wrote, “BECAUSE IT COULD BE WORTH A FRKIN CRAP TON OF MONEY!!!”

Screenshot of Twitter replies.

While some fell for the joke, others caught on quickly and were shocked at how many believed the fake story. “On this day millions of wooshes were heard everywhere in the known universe,” one comment read. Another user simply stated, “I love that people don’t understand this was a joke. Makes this post much better.”

Screenshot of Pokemon fan comments on Twitter.

Besides clearly being sarcasm, it also only took a few seconds using Google to figure out that the image has been posted on Reddit and numerous other websites many times previously.

With Pokemon card fever reaching a fever pitch in 2020, fans around the world have been digging through their old collections. Just don’t expect to have an item where only 10 of them exist.