Police and firefighters battle for Pokemon Go supremacy

Niantic / The Pokemon Company

It isn’t just children and teenagers who are competing for Pokemon Go supremacy. One Pokemon Go gym is constantly being fought over between a town’s police and fire force.

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Pokemon Go gym battles

The story which was posted to Reddit says, “So the police and fire station are right next to my library, which is a Pokemon (Go) gym and Pokestop. The cops are the blue team and the firefights are red. They are constantly fighting over the gym.”

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Penguintree went on to say, “I found out because I was adding Pokemon to the gym and some cops noticed me playing Pokemon. They asked what team I was on and I told them blue, and they were like damn right.” The police then told the Reddit user about the battles they have.

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The Team Medallion means you can change between the Pokemon Go teams, Instinct, Mystic and Valor…

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Team medallion

The blue team of course refers to Mystic whereas the red is Valor. It’s appears that their teams were agreed beforehand, or they either developed that way over time.

The recent addition of the Team Medallion would allow them to change to their respective teams. The Team Medallion cost 1,000 Pokecoins.

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Adults play too

The perception is that Pokemon Go is only played by children. While they are a large fraction of the user base, this story shows the mobile Pokemon game can be enjoyed by all ages. After all, adults today were brought up on the likes of Pokemon Red, Blue as well as 3D games like Pokemon Stadium.

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One police offer replied to the story stating, “As a 30-something in law enforcement, this is probably true. Any job where you drive around all day with sudden bursts of work is really made better by something like Pokemon Go.”

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They went on to say, “I played for a long while and when I was sitting in court (the statue out front being a PokeStop) to testify on a case, every officer around me was on their phone and at least half were playing Pokemon Go.”

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