Pokemon trainer claims everything in Pokedex is actually “illegal”

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Owning a Pokemon in real life sounds amazing on paper, but one trainer warned people about the potential dangers – labeling the Pokedex “illegal”.

Initially, wild pokemon hid in the grass, making it impossible to know what you were catching. Legends Arceus flipped the script, and pokemon roam freely. Trainers interact with pokemon and watch them in nature, making the world feel more alive than ever.

Fans embraced the series’ new direction, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet uses the same system. However, what if pokemon roamed freely in real life? In Legends Arceus, villagers feared pokemon and viewed them as taboo before slowly ingratiating them into society.

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A Pokemon trainer claimed explained why owning pokemon would be illegal and gave reasons for specific ones.

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, pokemon roam freely.

Pokemon trainer claims pokemon would be illegal in real life

A Pokemon player issued a challenge on Reddit. Choose a Pokemon, and “if I fail to tell you why then you can have them.”

They used an example of Dedenne and how they would cause mass power shortages from high stress.

Primarina, known for using its voice in its battle strategy, could pose problems. The thread creator argued, “Its songs, although beautiful, have proven to be a leading cause of hearing loss if listened to daily. It has since been banned for the safety of children.”

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A second user asked about Vaperon, and the trainer responded, “Due to recent crime cases of mysterious ‘swimming’ jewelry, they are illegal to own. Recent cases show the pokemon turning into water, forming a puddle around the item, and proceeding to float it away.”

However, the trainer couldn’t find any excuses to ban Mudkip, saying, “legal, how could I make that boi illegal?”

Bidoof appears harmless, but the trainer has other opinions stating, “An enraged horde of Bidoofs once took out a skyscraper from the bottom, causing millions in damage and hundreds in deaths.”

It may be best for pokemon to remain in-game even if it would be great having a pet Turtwig or Pikachu.  

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