Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Isle of Armor map finally revealed

Isle of Armor map in Pokemon Sword ShieldPokemon / Nintendo

A brand new map for Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor DLC has finally been revealed, and some players are already comparing it to the Wild Area found on the original Galar Region island. 

Two Expansion Pass packs have been announced by Game Freak and The Pokemon Company for 2020, with the first coming in June – the Isle of Armor – and the second – The Crown Tundra – releasing a little later in the year.

With the first set not far away now, a number of new details were revealed during two brand new trailers on March 26, with the first including some fresh Gigantamax forms and new content that will be included in the package. However, the second from that Nintendo Direct Mini presentation gave us a first-look at the next DLC map to be added to the game – and it’s looking pretty small.

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First-look at Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Isle of Armor map

The official Nintendo YouTube channel also uploaded an Expansion Pass trailer on March 26, following the Direct Mini, and just 11 seconds into the video you can see the new Isle of Armor island.

Just like the original photos of the map had suggested, this isn’t going to be a place of vast plains like the mainland. Instead, it appears to be quite a small space that trainers will soon be able to roam around, catch new Pokemon and battle.

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Pokemon Isle of Armor mapPokemon / Nintendo
Eagle-eyed Pokemon fans will have spotted the new map during Nintendo’s Direct Mini.

Based on the first-look image of a minimap, we can see at least four main points of interest – seen below – which appear to be a church, two towers and another building. We’ll come onto some more information on those in a moment.

(Timestamp in the video below at 0:10)

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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Isle of Armor map locations

Tower in Pokemon's Isle of ArmorPokemon / Nintendo
There are two different towers to battle at in the Isle of Armor and you will face that task alone – with Kubfu.

The trailer didn’t just show us the map in-full, however, as it also ran through a number of different locations we can expect to see when we arrive there. A full list can be found below:

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  • Dojo
  • Tower of Darkness
  • Tower of Waters

On the Isle of Armor, you will find a Dojo for Pokemon battles. Here, trainers will gather to master their skills, pick up a legendary partner called a Kubfu and – using your training from Master Mustard – take on one tower challenges together. For more information on Kubfu and its evolutions, check out our guide here.

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Pokemon trainers react

After finally getting a chance to see the map for the first time, Pokemon players have been reacting on Reddit – with some shocked by how small the new area is. It has also been compared to the Wild Area, too, where the landscape looks vast with a number of different locations, but quite easy to travel around.

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In a thread on the Sword and Shield subreddit, one user said: “The depiction of it on the minimap looks smaller than the Wild Area,” while another posted, “Given that they only show three buildings and how boring most biomes in the Wild Area in the main game are, I’m not getting my hopes up.”

Others, however, were delighted to finally see the new island, and it’s not long now until they will get a chance to play on it. Soon enough, Kubfu will be ours!

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