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Pokemon players are comparing Sword and Shield to 20-year-old Stadium and the results aren’t great

Published: 18/Jun/2019 10:37 Updated: 18/Jun/2019 11:54

by Paul Cot


Questions continue to be asked of Pokemon Sword and Shield as trainers are now comparing the new Switch game to 20 year-old Pokemon Stadium. 

Since gameplay footage was revealed at E3 2019, Pokemon Sword and Shield has caused quite the stir in the game’s online community. It is the graphics of the game that are currently coming under fire.


Animations better in Pokemon Stadium?

Some battle scenes were shown during the gameplay which have underwhelmed some Pokemon fans. This has led them to draw comparisons between the new titles and Pokemon Stadium.

Animations are the latest part of Pokemon Sword and Shield to come under fire…

The Pokemon Stadium games released on the Nintendo 64 back in 1998. They are being used as a comparison for some fans to try and highlight just how poor the animations are.


The evidence is hard to argue too strongly against with the classic Pokemon game appearing to have more care put into it. Of course, the resolution doesn’t compare, but strictly from an animation stand point, some fans would argue that it does appear to be better. 

(For mobile users, footage starts at 4:18 in the video below)

Split opinion

However, not all Pokemon trainers believe the comparison is fair. One Reddit user stated: “They also only had 151 Pokemon to animate and stadium didn’t have a story/world to explore. I’m all for calling out GF, but at least come up with an argument that’s substantial.”


It’s not unreasonable to think that 20 years in gaming technology advances would provide the power to do this. Another user snapped back saying: “[It] is a good argument. Pokemon is the highest grossing media franchise ever. They should be held to a higher standard in 2019.”

Pidgey using Fly in Stadium 2 vs Pidgey using Fly in Let’s Go with “high quality animation”. These two games are 18 years apart from each other! from r/pokemon

Zelda making Pokemon look bad

Elsewhere, comparisons between Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Sword Shield have been made with the implication that Game Freak aren’t living up to expectations. Whether this is a fair comparison or not is debatable.

This has also caused divided opinion, much like the animations debate. Those coming to the defense of Game Freak are saying there are less characters to animate on Breath of the Wild and that they had a six year development time – whereas Pokemon Sword and Shield only had three.


Amidst the removal of the national Pokedex controversy, a lot of Pokemon fans have recently turned on Game Freak.

They will be under a lot of scrutiny with some fans retaining hope there will be improvements ahead of its release on November 15, 2019.


Pokemon Go trainer experiments with 3,500 CP league, ranks best Pokemon

Published: 15/Oct/2020 2:58

by Paul Cot


Master League has returned for Season 4 of Pokemon Go’s GO Battle League which has led to a discussion about whether there should be a 3,500 CP limit league.

GO Battle League’s premier division is a free-for-all when it comes to eligible Pokemon. There is no CP limit meaning there is often a lot of mismatches.


It is the league where trainers who have grinded Pokemon Go get to put those hours to use. Maxing out a Pokemon’s CP costs a lot of Stardust!

In addition to this, due to the nature of unlimited CP Pokemon, the meta is very small. At a high level Dialga is a must and the rest is made up of Legendary and Mythical ‘mons.


Now, this does make sense. Legendary and Mythical Pokemon should be more effective at the very highest level. After all, if they weren’t, they’d be just like any other Pokemon.

Dialga Master League
Dialga is the ultimate Pokemon for Master League but not many trainers have it…

3,500 CP limit

If Master League were to be made a 3,500 CP limit, or more likely a 3,500 CP limit league added separately, then we’d see a lot more Pokemon prosper. It would also make the league playable for trainers that haven’t or can’t spend hours and hours grinding the game.

Going back to Dialga again, as it is the best Pokemon in Master League, at 3,500 CP it drops all the way from the best to 62nd. Not many trainers have the Temporal Pokemon, so this alone already makes a new league more inclusive.



Here are the top 10 ranked Pokemon for a potential 3,500 CP limit league. The top 5 (and more) can be found here:

  • Snorlax (Shadow) | Rating: 743

  • Mamoswine | Rating: 651

  • Snorlax | Rating: 697

  • Togekiss | Rating: 683

  • Giratina (Altered) | Rating: 804

  • Melmetal | Rating: 750

  • Regice | Rating: 684

  • Giratina (Origin) | Rating: 788

  • Landorus (Incarnate) | Rating: 741

  • Swampert | Rating: 719

  • Mew | Rating: 738

There’s certainly a big gap between the Ultra and Master Leagues in Pokemon Go. It will be interesting to see if Niantic do something to bridge that gap.

They have, however, introduced Premier Cup competitions, making Legendary Pokemon ineligible. Still, based on feedback in the Pokemon Go community these aren’t too popular.