Has the entire Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex been leaked?

Published: 2/Jun/2019 15:22 Updated: 5/Jun/2019 15:05

by Paul Cot


Pokemon trainers are eagerly anticipating more Pokemon Sword and Shield news at Pokemon Direct – has the entire Pokedex been leaked already though?

Update: This leak was eventually confirmed as false in the June 5 Pokemon Direct stream.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

Let’s jump straight into it, here is the leaked Pokedex for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The list contains 131 new Pokemon – more than was expected for the new Nintendo Switch game.

  • 808: Meltan (Hex Nut Pokémon) (Steel) (Base)
  • 809: Melmetal (Hex Nut Pokémon) (Steel) (Evolves from 808)
  • 810: Grookey (Chimp Pokémon) (Grass) (Base)
  • 811: Drumpan (Beat Chimp Pokémon) (Grass) (Evolves from 810)
  • 812: Chimpongo (Beat Chimp Pokémon) (Grass) (Evolves from 811)
  • 813: Scorbunny (Rabbit Pokémon) (Fire) (Base)
  • 814: Hoppyre (Rabbit Pokémon) (Fire) (Evolves from 813)
  • 815: Moltare (Tempering Pokémon) (Fire/Steel) (Evolves from 814)
  • 816: Sobble (Water Lizard Pokémon) (Water) (Base)
  • 817: Nerviz (Water Lizard Pokémon) (Water/Ghost) (Evolves from 816)
  • 818: Fearliz (Water Lizard Pokémon) (Water/Ghost) ((Evolves from 817)
  • 819: Joypu (Rodent Pokémon) (Normal) (Base)
  • 820: Felutria (Rodent Pokémon) (Normal) (Evolves from 819)
  • 821: Weasense (Weasel Pokemon) (Psychic) (Base)
  • 822: Ibrisk (Bird Pokémon) (Normal/Flying) (Base)
  • 823: Hadedagile (Bird Pokémon) (Normal/Flying) (Evolves from 823)
  • 824: Bruceros (Vengeful Pokémon) (Dark/Flying) (Evolves from 824)
  • 825: Twinkape (Light Pokémon) (Electric/Normal) (Base)
  • 826: Gorillight (Bright Light Pokémon) (Electric/Psychic) (Evolves from 826)
  • 827: Illuminape (Bright Light Pokémon) (Electric/Psychic) (Evolves from 827)

NintendoScorbunny, Sobble and Grookey (left to right) are the only Pokemon to be officially revealed…

  • 828: Geolphin (Dolphin Pokémon) (Water/Rock) (Base)
  • 829: Kuduum (Vacuum Pokémon) (Psychic) (Base)
  • 830: Cheetorch (Cheetah Pokémon) (Fire) (Base)
  • 831: Heatah (Cheetah Pokémon) (Fire) (Evolves from 830)
  • 832: Gecold (Cold-blooded Pokémon) (Ice/Dragon) (Base)
  • 833: Iguanice (Cold-blooded Pokémon) (Ice/Dragon) (Evolves from 832)
  • 834: Fromodo (Cold-blooded Pokémon) (Ice/Dragon) (Evolves from 833)
  • 835: Spiceed (Hot Seed Pokémon) (Fire/Grass) (Base)
  • 836: Pepperi (Chili Pepper Pokémon) (Fire/Grass) (Evolves from 835)
  • 837: Tralmation (Loyal Pokémon) (Normal) (Base)
  • 838: Nitemite (Termite Pokémon) (Bug/Dark) (Base)
  • 839: Blattodusk (Roach Pokémon) (Bug/Dark) (Evolves from 838)
  • 840: Vangel (Sickness Pokémon) (Fairy/Poison) (Base)
  • 841: Minobi (Ninjitsu Pokémon) (Fighting) (Base)
  • 842: Ninjoule (Neo-Ninjitsu Pokémon) (Fighting/Electric) (Evolves from 841)
  • 843: Fluinja (Neo-Ninjitsu Pokémon) (Fighting/Water) (Evolves from 841)
  • 844:Tokoloco (Bad Spirit Pokémon) (Ghost/Normal) (Base)
  • 845: Dowdeer (Worn-out Pokémon) (Normal) (Base)
  • 846: Raggedeer (Worn-out Pokémon) (Normal/Grass) (Evolves from 845)
  • 847: Musanda (EleRodent Pokémon) (Electric/Ice) (Base)
  • 848: Glumink (Sticky Pokémon) (Poison/Normal) (Base)
  • 849: Fumink (Fume Pokémon) (Poison/Ghost) (Base)
  • 850: Frugon (Tropical Pokémon) (Grass/Dragon)
  • 851: Cubocado (Fruit Cat Pokémon) (Grass) (Base)
  • 852: Guaguar (Fruit Cat Pokémon) (Grass/Dark) (Evolves from 851)
  • 853: Salmint (Herb Fish Pokémon) (Water/Grass) (Base)
  • 854: Quakeon (Fissure Pokémon) (Ground) (Evolves from 133)
  • 855: Titaneon (Hardened Pokémon) (Steel) (Evolves from 133)
  • 856: Crocodrip (Big Lizard Pokémon) (Rock/Water) (Base)
  • 857: Crocodice (Blade Tail Pokémon) (Steel/Water) (Evolves from 856)
  • 858: Chopodile (Blade Tail Pokémon) (Steel/Water) (Evolves from 857)
  • 859: Magnifly (Optical Pokémon) (Bug) (Base)
  • 860: Flycroscope (Optical Pokémon) (Bug/Psychic) (Evolves from 859)
  • 861: Drippo (Hippopotamus Pokémon) (Water) (Base)
  • 862: Hippour (Hippopotamus Pokemon) (Water) (Evolves from 861)
  • 863: Blimpala (Aviate Pokémon) (Fairy/Flying) (Base)
  • 864: TNTiny (Explosive Pokémon) (Rock/Fire) (Base)
  • 865: Dynamighty (Explosion Pokémon) (Rock/Fire) (Evolves from 864)
  • 866: Burkey (Turkey Pokémon) (Fire/Flying) (Base)
  • 867: Flurkey (Turkey Pokémon) (Fire/Flying) (Evolves from 866)
abz-artCould Eevee’s steel-type evolution look like this?
  • 868: Antegnat (Signal Pokémon) (Bug/Flying) (Base)
  • 869: Beequency (Signal Pokémon) (Bug/Flying) (Evolves from 868)
  • 870: Utensoul (Cutlery Pokémon) (Ghost/Steel) (Base)
  • 871: Cutlereep (Cutlery Pokémon) (Ghost/Steel) (Evolves from 870)
  • 872: Dekoi (Distraction Pokémon) (Water/Dark) (Base)
  • 873: Burrole (Mole-Rat Pokémon) (Ground/Fighting) (Base)
  • 874: Blesmine (Mole-Rat Pokémon) (Ground/Fighting) (Evolves from 873)
  • 875: Spectoplas (Spectral Pokémon) (Ghost/Psychic) (Base)
  • 876: Amphibber (Dishonest Pokémon) (Dark/Poison) (Base)
  • 877: Scoundrog (Outlaw Pokémon) (Dark/Poison) (Evolves from 876)
  • 878: Frogue (Outlaw Pokémon) (Dark/Poison) (Evolves from 877)
  • 879: Bubbull (Water Buffalo Pokémon) (Water) (Base)
  • 880: Buffaloat (Water Buffalo Pokémon) (Water) (Evolves from 879)
  • 881: Twisprout (Choreo Pokémon) (Grass/Fairy) (Base)
  • 882: Jivine (Choreo Pokémon) (Grass/Fairy) (Evolves from 881)
  • 883: Pantsulog (Choreo Pokémon) (Grass/Fairy) (Evolves from 882)
  • 884: Snomad (Nomad Pokémon) (Ice) (Base)
  • 885: Shermit (Isolation Pokémon) (Ice) (Evolves from 885)
  • 886: Icetic (Isolation Pokémon) (Ice) (Evolves from 886)
  • 887: Pixurroun (Protection Pokemon) (Fairy) (Base)
  • 888: Faireathe (Protection Pokemon) (Fairy) (Evolves from 887)
  • 889: Cobez (Hard Metal Pokémon) (Steel) (Base)
  • 890: Titaniquus (Hard Metal Pokémon) (Steel) (Evolves from 889)
  • 891: Zebralloy (Hard Metal Pokémon) (Steel/Rock) (Evolves from 890)
  • 892: Zebrode (Electrode Pokémon) (Steel/Electric) (Evolves from 890)
  • 893: Larvibe (Show-off Pokémon) (Bug) (Base)
  • 894: Swaggot (Show-off Pokémon) (Bug/Ice) (Evolves from 893)
  • 895: Blingsec (Show-off Pokémon) (Bug/Ice) (Evolves from 894)
  • 896: Broccool (Broccoli Pokémon) (Grass/Ice) (Base)
  • 897: Camould (Brittle Pokémon) (Ground) (Base)
  • 898: Ceraffe (Brittle Pokémon) (Ground) (Evolves from 897)
  • 899: Lamouflage (Lamb Pokémon) (Ghost/Normal) (Base)
  • 900: Ramouflage (Sheep Pokémon) (Ghost/Normal) (Evolves from 899)
  • 901: Sprink (Spring Pokémon) (Rock/Steel) (Base)
  • 902: Skoil (Spring Pokémon) (Rock/Steel) (Evolves from 901)
  • 903: Sarkion (Ionisation Pokémon) (Rock/Electric)
  • 904: Sparkastodon (Ionisation Pokémon) (Rock/Electric) (Evolves from 903)
  • 905: Graboon (Collector Pokémon) (Fighting) (Evolves from 766) [Passimian]
  • 906: Dunsprite (Land Snake Pokémon) (Normal/Fairy) (Evolves from 206) [Dunsparce]
  • 907: Currachnid (EleSpider Pokémon) (Bug/Electric) (Evolves from 596) [Galvantula]
  • 908: Goosh (White Bird Pokémon) (Water/Flying) (Evolves from 581) [Swanna]
  • 909: Infatuave (Rendezvous Pokémon) (Water/Fairy) (Evolves from 370) [Luvdisc]
  • 910: Tuskord (Armour Pokémon) (Ground) (Evolves from 232) [Donphan]
  • 911: Marveline (Constraint Pokémon) (Psychic) (Evolves from 678) [Meowstic]
  • 912: Sangorutang (Healer Pokémon) (Normal/Psychic) (Evolves from 765) [Oranguru]
  • 913: Goregon (Vicious Pokémon) (Dragon/Ghost) (Evolves from 621) [Druddigon]
  • 914: Pandominate (Daunting Pokémon) (Fighting/Dark) (Evolves from 675) [Pangoro]
  • 915: Bascrap (Shredder Pokémon) (Water/Steel) (Evolves from 550) [Basculin]
  • 916: Climake (Weather Pokémon) (Normal) (Evolves from 351) [Castform]
  • 917: Napiat (Taipan Pokémon) (Poison/Dark) (Evolves from 024) [Arbok]
  • 918: Fyuming (Poison Gas Pokémon) (Poison/Fire) (Evolves from 110) [Weezing]
  • 919: Rewop (Plasma Pokémon) (Electric/Ghost) (Evolves from 479) [Rotom]
  • 920: Fuegasus (Pegasus Pokémon) (Fire/Flying) (Evolves from 078) [Rapidash]
  • 921: Sumongous (Sumo Pokémon) (Fighting) (Evolves from 297) [Hariyama]
  • 922: Heliozard (Generator Pokémon) (Electric/Dragon) (Evolves from 695) [Heliolisk]
  • 923: Shavitty (Machining Pokémon) (Normal/Steel) (Base)
  • 924: Granther (Machining Pokémon) (Normal/Steel) (Evolves from 923)
  • 925: Belugold (Beluga Whale Pokémon) (Water/Ice) (Base)
  • 926: Taterato (Spud Pokémon) (Normal/Grass) (Base)
  • 927: Brixie (Stone Pokémon) (Rock/Fairy) (Base)
  • 928: Pebbimp (Stone Pokémon) (Rock/Fairy) (Evolves from 927)
  • 929: Brukpuk (Stone Pokémon) (Rock/Fairy) (Evolves from 928)
  • 930: Babos (Bush Pokémon) (Grass) (Base)
  • 931: Groomeld (Tree Pokémon) (Grass) (Evolves from 930)
  • 932: Boaboom (Big Tree Pokémon) (Grass/Ground) (Evolves from 931)
  • 933: Volkida (Strike Pokémon) (Steel/Fight) (Base)
  • 934: Varskyt (Protection Pokémon) (Steel/Dark) (Base)
  • 935: Ulfazo (Clentch Pokémon) (Steel/Ground) (Base)
  • 936: Eqolos (Titan Pokémon) (Fire/Fairy) (Base)
  • 937: Duxerunt (Royalty Pokémon) (Fairy/Grass) (Base)
  • 938: Krolipa (Royalty Pokémon) (Ice/Grass) (Base)
  • 939: Ríbera (Royalty Pokémon) (Rock/Grass) (Base)
  • 940: Gusgard (Royal Guard Pokémon) (Flying) (Base)
  • 941: Sikazmija (Incision Pokémon) (Poison/Steel) (Base)

Takeaways from the leak

The general expectation from the Gen 8 Pokedex was that around 100 Pokemon would be added. This list adds 131 Pokemon, not including Meltan and Melmetal.

One of the many concept designs for the final evolutions of Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble…

Starter evolutions

Much speculation has surrounded the evolutions of Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble. Officially, they have been the only Pokemon confirmed the 2019 game.

The list suggests Grookey will evolve into a pure grass-type, Scorbunny a dual fire and steel and Sobble water and ghost. Respectively their final evolutions are called Chimpongo, Moltare and Fearliz.

Eevee evolutions

Much has been made about the potential new Eevee evolutions or as they’re often referred to as “eeveelutions”. Pokemon trainers will be excited to see the list includes two new ones – a ground and steel-type. The ground-type is called Quakeon and the steel-type Titaneon.

Galarian forms

Much like Alolan forms where Pokemon already in existence adapt to the Alola region, there are 17 Galarian forms which adapt to Galar.

More dubious Pokemon trainers are questioning the list saying that some of the names seem too simplistic – suggesting the list is fake. One example of this is Fearliz which is a play on Sobble’s clear placidity. Others look to the overly simplistic Eevee evolution names of Quakeon and Titaneon.

One Twitter user noted that the names of the Pokemon are in English from a Japanese source – which certainly questions the legitimacy of the leak.

We may find out whether the list is true, or somewhat true, at this week’s Pokemon Direct (June 5).

While the whole Pokedex probably won’t be revealed, we will likely get confirmation of some of these Pokemon.

Last updated 11:06 ET, June 5, 2019


Pokemon Sword & Shield player loses Master Ball due to Joy-Con drift

Published: 1/Dec/2020 21:07

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon player was left fuming after they lost their coveted Master Ball due to the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con drift issue. The hardware error robbed the Trainer of the rare item.

Pokemon Sword & Shield made its eighth generation debut with the release of Sword & Shield in November 2019. The Nintendo Switch title introduced players to the Galar region for the very first time.

A player participating in one of the game’s new features, Dynamax Raids, was left stunned when their Joy-Con hardware error made them accidentally use a Master Ball on an incredibly common monster.

Screenshot of Pokemon Sword & Shield Gym Leader Piers.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A Pokemon player was stunned after wasting their Master Ball.

Joy-Con drift problem causes Pokemon tragedy

A few months after its launch, many Switch owners began to complain about their controller’s joystick getting stuck and moving their character in-game on its own. Notoriously named “Joy-Con drift”, Nintendo’s own president Shuntaro Furukawa even acknowledged the issue in June and apologized for the “trouble caused to our customers.”

The hardware issue tragically struck a Pokemon Sword & Shield player during their Dynamax Raid. Pokemon Trainer ‘ZucchiniBoi12‘ uploaded a video of the nightmare inducing moment to the r/PokemonSwordAndShield subreddit on November 30.

In the clip, the fan goes to select a Pokeball after defeating a Ninjask, when suddenly their controller quickly scrolls up and down before unluckily landing on their Master Ball. Unfortunately, the player wasn’t paying attention and pressed A, wasting their precious Master Ball on the common monster.

Thanks joy con drift 😐 from PokemonSwordAndShield

Despite the tragic circumstances, some in the community didn’t have any sympathy for the Trainer. Various players pointed out that while the Joy-Con drift did freak out during the selection process, it stopped for a few seconds on their Master Ball. Others explained that the fan should have soft-reset their game, which would have given them back their lost item.

Screenshot of Reddit comments reacting to Pokemon Sword & Shield player losing their Master Ball.

Despite the criticism, ZucchiniBoi12 explained that it was a genuine mistake, and stated that they weren’t paying close enough attention before confirming. This isn’t the first time the hardware issue has plagued the game, either. In November, a player went viral after Joy-Con drift ruined their attempt to catch a Shiny Regieleki after spending hundreds of hours to spawn its encounter.

Whether you feel sympathy or not, it always hurts to see a Master Ball go to waste. If nothing else, the tragic story is just another reminder for Trainers to always check before pressing confirm. It becomes far too easy to not pay attention while spending hours grinding, and you never know when Joy-Con drift may happen.