Pokemon Sword Shield Max Raid event adds Toxtricity, Yamper, more

Pokemon Sword Shield Max Raid event adds Toxtricity, Yamper, more

Published: 14/Sep/2020 12:15 Updated: 14/Sep/2020 12:43

by David Purcell


Pokemon Sword and Shield’s latest Max Raid Battles event has given a huge boost to Grass and Electric-type Pokemon, with Gigantamax Toxtricity, Yamper, and others arriving in the latest refresh.

These events shake up the species found in the Wild Area and Isle of Armor, which are the two hot locations for Max Raids. As players know by now, these allow multiple trainers to come together to fend off – and catch – different Pokemon periodically.

Keeping an eye on those active can be a really handy way of checking off names on your Pokedex, as rare finds can appear more frequently via this type of encounter for a limited time.


Now, we’ve got a new list to work with. There’s a lot to talk about, too.

Max Raid Battles Pokemon
Max Raid battles are a popular feature in Sword & Shield’s Galar Region.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raid Battles list

With a new event comes a new list of Pokemon, for a short period of time, and it includes a handful of GMAX ones.

Act fast if you’re looking to add more Grass-type and Electric-type Pokemon, because the following can be found until September 30, 2020.

  • Ferroseed
  • Ferrothorn
  • Gossifleur
  • GMAX Flapple
  • Eldegoss
  • Helioptile
  • GMAX Toxtricity
  • Heliosk
  • Yamper
  • Boltund
  • GMAX Appletun
  • Toxel
  • Applin

These will replace the outgoing set, effective immediately.

Toxtricity forms

Toxtricity in Pokemon
Watch out, GMAX Toxtricity has arrived in Max Raids.

Toxtricity is perhaps the most interesting addition this this around, as it has two different forms to look out for. Knowing the difference is quite important, too, and we’ve got a whole guide dedicated to it here.


For those who don’t know, those forms are Low Key and Amped, which have distinct differences in their appearance and its nature. Low Key form can have one of the following: Adamant, Brave, Docile, Hardy, Hasty, Impish, Jolly, Lax, Naive, Naughty, Quirky, Rash, or Sassy.

Amped, on the other hand, will land you: Bashful, Bold, Calm, Careful, Gentle, Lonely, Mild, Modest, Quiet, Relaxed, Serious, or Timid.

This is just one of the many species available in the event this week, so jump into the game and see what happens. Hopefully, you get the species you’re looking for.