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Pokemon Sword and Shield won’t feature an Elite Four

Published: 11/Sep/2019 16:13 Updated: 11/Sep/2019 20:29

by Paul Cot


The Elite Four have been synonymous with Pokemon games ever since Red and Green were released in 1996, but Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the first game to remove them.

For those who don’t know, or who need their memory jogging, the Elite Four are a group of powerful trainers who you must defeat before going on to face the final trainer to become Pokemon Champion. You can only compete against the four illustrious group of trainers when you have defeated all the region’s gym leaders.

While every game from Red/Blue to Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon has featured the Elite Four, Pokemon Sword and Shield is going down a different path. That path is in the form of a tournament rather than what feels like secret battles against trainers locked away from the region’s public.

Pokemon CompanyGreater emphasis will be put on battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield…

As pointed out by Redditor soussouni, the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website says the following: “Once a year in the Galar region, a series of Pokemon battles are held with the League Championship on the line.” This is what will be replacing the Elite Four.

“The Champion Cup is the tournament to decide who will be able to challenge the reigning Champion for their seat.” Given how the storyline has been teased so far that will almost certainly be against Pokemon Champion, Leon.

Participation will be reserved for the best trainers throughout the Galar region which is based on completing the gym challenge. Unlike other Pokemon games’ conclusions, this will be a big event, being broadcast on TV (within the confines of the game) within huge stadiums built for Pokemon battles.

Another Redditor XenoChu shared their excitement about the change: “This is honestly one of my most anticipated things about these games, I have ALWAYS wanted a tournament-style league like the anime so I am totally okay with this change and I actually think it’ll be much more exciting than an Elite Four.”

Pokemon CompanyA showdown with Leon is an eventuality…

Another commenter, Drive1995, is looking forward to the potential randomness of the battles: “Honestly this is more exciting you get tired of facing the same elite 4 now imagine you face 4 random trainers out of 32 trainers it makes you think well i need to cover in case of this situation thinking instead of the same oh I only need to worry about these elite 4 special typings.”

It’s a big change for mainline Pokemon games but maybe a change that was needed. It looks trainers are looking forward to competing the Galar region’s big Pokemon tournament.


How to find and catch Regigigas in the Crown Tundra

Published: 27/Oct/2020 18:20

by Nate Searl


Regigigas makes its return to the Pokemon franchise in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s expansion, The Crown Tundra. Here’s how you can find and capture the Legendary Pokemon. 

Regigigas has made an appearance in every Pokemon generation since its release in gen 4. It returns once again in generation eight in The Crown Tundra expansion in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Getting him isn’t easy though, and you will need a way to get both Regieleki and Regidrago. Here’s how to do it.

Get all five Regi-Pokemon and find Regigigas’ den

Before you can encounter Regigigas, you need to get all of the Regi-Pokemon. You can find all of them regardless of whether you own Sword or Shield, but you can’t get both Regieleki and Regidrago in one game. You have to choose between them, so you will need to trade for the one you don’t get. Here’s where to find all of Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Regieleki and Regidrago.

Once you have all the Regi-Pokemon, you need to put them in your party and find a specific max raid den in the Giant’s Bed. The best way to get there is to take the flying taxi to the Watt Trader at the bottom of the Snowslide Slope and then head south into the Giant’s Bed.

Regigigas Pokemon The Crown Tundra
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Regigigas Raid Den

The max raid den will have four rocks surrounding it and it will be on a grassless spot. When you interact with the den with the five Regi-Pokemon in your party, it will light up. Make sure to save here in case something goes wrong and then interact with the den to face Regigigas.

Beating and catching Regigigas

Regigigas will be Dynamaxed but don’t worry, it’s not that strong. It’s a Normal-type Pokemon, so Fighting-type moves are your best bet for taking it down quickly. Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus are also great picks to take it down quickly with their special moves that deal double damage to Dynamax Pokemon.

When you defeat it, you will get a chance to throw a Pokeball at it. Don’t worry, whichever ball you throw will catch it, so don’t waste a Masterball on it. It can also be shiny, so if you want the shiny version, be sure to keep resetting your game until you get it.