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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Mysterious Missingno like Pokemon teased

Published: 13/Sep/2019 13:31 Updated: 14/Sep/2019 10:48

by Paul Cot


A brand new Pokemon is being teased on the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website with it showing a cryptic message and pixelated image.

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It gives off the effect that the website has been hacked, as when browsing it, the blurred image of the Pokemon moves around the screen randomly. When it finally settles, you can click but beware, a loud noise will play. Make sure your speakers/headphones are turned down.

Following a loading animation you’ll be taken to the new Pokemon’s page, although details will remain elusive. You can skip this and go straight to the page by clicking this link for the as yet unknown Pokemon. We do know the following about it, though:


  • It is a fighting-type
  • Weighs 257.9 lbs
  • It’s ability is ‘Steadfast’

Pokemon CompanyHow the mysterious Pokemon appears on the website…
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Its caption description also misses out key bits of information, reading: “Only [blank] that have survived many battles can attain this [blank]. When this Pokémon’s [blank]ers, it will retire from combat.”

Even a look into the website’s code didn’t reveal the missing information – we’d expect nothing less from the Pokemon Company, though.

The tease was initially revealed on the Pokemon Twitter account, with a tweet saying: “New Pokémon Discovered! Head this way for the latest on our Galar research, Trainers. #PokemonSwordShield” This will take you to the home page where you can see the tease in all its glory.


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However, while the Pokemon Company probably wanted fans to guess for more than a few hours, it looks like they underestimated the ability of some trainers. 

Spoiler alert: Only read on if you want the Pokemon’s identity to be potentially spoiled.

As one trainer pointed out, if you rotate the pixelated picture of the Pokemon 90 degrees to the right, it starts to become a little clearer. The same trainer then provided their own design as to what the new Pokemon could be and it looks eerily similar to Farfetch’d, the Kanto flying-type Pokemon.

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With the introduction of Galarian forms, this fighting-type could well be a Galar form of Farfetch’d. In fact a previous leak had stated a regional specific Pokemon of the Kanto bird would be in the game and called Sir Farfetch’d. 

Whether it is Farfetch’d at all or whether it is and Game Freak opted against using the name remains to be seen.

Perhaps its identity will be confirmed shortly and there will be similar teases in the lead up to the November 15 release of Pokemon Sword and Shield.