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Pokemon • Sep 10, 2019

Pokemon Sword and Shield appears to have autosave feature

Pokemon Sword and Shield appears to have autosave feature

A host of new features were revealed for Pokemon Sword in the September Nintendo Direct but one of those features may have flown under the radar.


At 0:45 of the latest Direct trailer our protagonist enters what is one of the presumably many boutique stores dotted throughout the Galar region. As they do, the words "Now saving..." can be seen in the top-right hand corner of the screen.

While not confirming the existence of an autosave feature directly, it certainly strongly suggests as much.

The "Now saving..." int he top-right corner appears to show the addition of autosave...


This is significant because it would mark the first time an autosave feature has been used in a mainline Pokemon game. Up until now, players have had to save the game manually, by going into the menu, and saving it when they want.

Perhaps Nintendo and Game Freak have heard stories of players forgetting to save the game and losing a ton of progress. By removing the need to do it manually maybe they have saved players a headache in Pokemon Sword and Shield.


Pokemon community may not want autosave

The change seems relatively innocuous but would be huge for the Pokemon community. The size of this change will depend on whether the potential autosave feature can be turned off. If it can be, then the severity of the change won't be as big. If it can't be, then the following issues will arise.

Finding shinies would be a lot harder

Firstly, a lot of players want shiny versions of Pokemon and they are willing to reset their console an obscene amount of times to get it. If the game autosaves at any point after catching a Pokemon, then even with a soft reset you won't be able to chance your arm to get that illustrious shiny.

For example, encounters with particular legendary Pokemon tend to happen once in the entire story. That means to encounter a shiny version you would either need to get incredibly lucky or play the entirety of the story out, just to have one chance to get one.

Some players reset their Nintendo Switch thousands of times to find a shiny Mewtwo in Let's Go...


IVs are important to some

Pokemon IVs have become an increasingly prominent part of the game, essentially determining a Pokemon's strength. Other trainers just want the high IVs for collection purposes.

Either way, with an autosave addition, it will be a lot harder to keep resetting the game until you get the stats you want.

It could also cause players to avoid 'lesser' Pokemon as they may not viable without strong IVs. This may result in teams of Pokemon looking similar for competitive reasons, especially with the introduction of ranked battles.


It seems highly probable that it was indeed an autosave feature but it also seems likely there will be an option to turn it off - otherwise, we could have ourselves another Dexit fiasco.

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