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Was Pokemon Shield and Sword leaked ahead of time?

Published: 1/Mar/2019 10:29 Updated: 1/Mar/2019 10:53

by Paul Cot


In the lead up to Pokemon Direct rumors were running wild as to what the next Pokemon game could be. It appears one leak was right all along though.

Pokemon Gen 8 predictions

Before any new Pokemon game is announced, rumors and supposed leaks are commonplace. Some hit the nail on the head, others prove to be wrong while the remainder can be fake for attention.

As the announcement of the hugely anticipated 8th generation of Pokemon drew closer, there were several leaks claiming to have inside information. Perhaps the most prominent of these was a title of Pokemon King and Queen based in Britain. It appears this was half right.


Leaked on 4chan

However, on the popular imageboard website 4chan, where users can post anonymously, one post correctly predicted the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield a week ahead of time.

In addition to King and Queen, titles such as Chaos and Control, and Crown and Scepter were also rumored. For the majority of Pokemon fans, even those actively looking for leaks, the title Pokemon Sword and Shield fell under the radar.

The information has proved to be correct so far…

The poster who did correctly get the name of the new game correct, also stated the region is Great Britain (Galar does sound British). This is interesting because if the leak came from a direct source then it does confirm the region is indeed based on Britain. Interestingly, some have speculated that the Galar region is in fact Britain upside down.


Sword and Shield legendary Pokemon

The same leak also states a yet unconfirmed part of the game. The legendary Pokemon in Sword and Shield are reported to be a metal snake and a wooden horse.

The significance and authenticity of this is debatable. With that said though, based on the previous correct information, there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t be right again.