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Pokemon Let’s Go Nintendo Switch Graphics

Published: 25/Nov/2018 20:33 Updated: 25/Nov/2018 20:38

by Paul Cot


The Nintendo Switch offers the best graphics we’ve seen in a Pokemon RPG to date. We discuss the Pokemon Let’s Go graphics in detail and compare them to previous Pokemon games.

Pokemon in 2018

Pokemon Let’s Go offers the first full HD Pokemon RPG experience. The Nintendo Switch’s hardware has allowed a notable increase in graphical performance from Pokemon’s previous game, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Pokemon Graphics

The main properties in determining a game’s graphical power is resolution and frame rate. There are of course other elements such as anti-aliasing, shadow quality, draw distance, etc but these are additional effects. Most gamers won’t focus on these.


Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let’s Go

In terms of resolution, the Nintendo Switch allows its first main series Pokemon game to run at 720p (1280×720). This increases to 1080p (1920×1080) when docked.

There were suggestions that Let’s Go would reach the coveted 60 FPS but this hasn’t materialised. Instead the Switch tops out at 30 FPS with minimal drops.

Whilst the graphics of Pokemon Let’s Go are a big improvement from past games, it’s not unreasonable to expect the Switch to be able to run these graphics at 60 FPS.

Pokemon Let’s Go whilst docked in Full HD

Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Ultra Soon & Ultra Moon

The second newest Pokemon game in the 20+ year series displays at 400×240. It also runs at 30 FPS.

Pokemon Ultra Sun is quite the graphical downgrade after playing Let’s Go…

Nintendo Gameboy Advance Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green

We are spoiled with today’s handheld resolution when you consider that Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green displayed at 240×160 on the GBA.


Interestingly, the Gameboy Advance’s screen has a 60hz (close to) refresh rate. However, this was at a time where frame rate was considered less.

Let’s Go Graphics Comparison

There will be different opinions as to whether the Nintendo Switch utilises its hardware to the full effect for Pokemon Let’s Go. It is likely Let’s Go is an experiment of sorts and that the currently untitled 2019 Pokemon game will be a refined product.

Pokemon Let’s Go displays 21.6x as many pixels as Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon when the former is docked. Naturally this number, among other graphical details, increases significantly more when you go further back through generations of consoles.


Pokemon Let’s Go News

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