Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian forms info leaked for Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Company

According to early leaks, Pokemon Go and Legends Arceus will soon be coming together as Hisuian forms appear to be set for arrival in the mobile game in the very near future. 

The world of Pokemon is a deep and storied one filled with stories from across several different continents. From Johto to Alola, Pokemon Go has been the only place where most of the franchise’s 800+ pocket monsters can together free of their usual boundaries.

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This already impressive roster is only set to grow with the arrival of the new Hisuian variant of Pokemon courtesy of the upcoming open-world title Legends Arceus.

Legends Arceus’ Hisuian forms are coming to Pokemon Go

Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian Voltorb stop-motion animationGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Hisuian version of Voltorb has been a massive hit with Pokemon fans.

A leak from PokeMiners has confirmed several file names that hint toward the arrival of Hisuian forms, with the already beloved Voltorb specifically being name-dropped.

Some other files include new Hisuian display panels and headers, all but confirming that Voltorb will not be showing up alone when the time comes.

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As with the Alolan and Galarian alternatives that are already in PoGo, these forms are expected to bring along some new looks as well as evolution options and movesets for the ‘mon of this new region.

In the past, this has included such changes as Alolan Raichu getting a new look and designation as an Electric-Psychic type, and Galarian Meowth making the change from Normal to Steel-type as well as bringing over its Sword and Shield Perrserker evolution.

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While there’s no word yet on what the next Hisuian form options will be, we have a list of every creature that is getting a new form in Legends Arceus for anyone who wants to make their own guess.

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