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Pokemon Go World Tourism Day: Field research tasks guide

Published: 29/Sep/2019 18:05 Updated: 29/Sep/2019 18:17

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Go Tourism Day Event is in full flow and along with various bonuses, it brings special field research tasks related to the event.

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The bonuses and details surrounding the event itself can be found in our Pokemon Go Tourism Day Event article. Perhaps the most exciting part of the event is the long awaited introduction of Mime Jr.

The event also includes three specific field research tasks which unsurprisingly have a tourism theme to them. This appears to be encouraging players to interact with new people with one task even needing interaction with someone more than 10,000 km away!


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These field research tasks and their rewards are as follows:

  • Trade Pokemon caught 10,000km apart – Zangoose encounter (for North America, South America and Africa), Seviper (for Europe, Asia and Australasia)
  • Make a new friend – Nosepass encounter
  • Send 25 Gifts – Lapras encounter

Trade Pokemon caught 10,000km apart

This is without question the most difficult of the tasks. A lot of trainers won’t even have a friend 10,000 km apart, let alone facilitate a trade.

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The completion of this task may need some online help, finding others who are also looking to complete this task. 10,000 km is far and here are just how far a Pokemon Go friend will need to be for this trade to count. There are other locations but these are the main ones which should be easiest to find.


  • West coast of US: Africa, Middle East or Australasia
  • East coast of US: East Africa, India or Australasia
  • UK: South of South America and Australasia

If you search on Twitter “Pokemon Go friend code X” where X is the location of a friend you are looking, you should be able to find someone with relative ease.

@PokemonGoAppYou’ll need to look further than your own continent to complete the “Trade Pokemon caught 10,000km apart” field research task…
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Make a new friend

Making a new friend in Pokemon Go is an easy task. You can either use the friend from above or can simply find any friend code and use that. You can even remove an existing friend and add them again.

Send 25 gifts

Sending gifts isn’t complicated but it can be a time consuming process. Sending a few gifts at the best of times isn’t quick, sending 25 may take days depending on how many friends you have.


You can only send one gift a day, so if you have five Pokemon Go friends then it will take five days to complete this task. If you have the 25 needed, then you should be able to do it all in one day (if you haven’t sent any gifts before obtaining the task).

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It’s worth it though, as the popular and not often see Lapras will be your reward.

Pokemon Go’s World Tourism Day Event concludes on October 1, 1pm PDT (4pm EDT and 9pm BST).