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Pokemon Go: Why you should make the most of the Rhyhorn Community Day

Published: 22/Feb/2020 3:50

by Paul Cot


Rhyhorn will headline the Pokemon Go February Community Day after earning the distinct honor of being the first species to do so. However, why is Rhyhorn such a worthy headliner, and why did it get voted in?

The 2020 February Community Day will follow on from January where the start time of the event is divided between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. We can expect this to continue going forward.

  • Northern Hemisphere: Saturday, February 22, 11am to 2pm local time
  • Southern Hemisphere: Saturday, February 22, 3pm to 6pm local time
Rhyhorn February Community Day
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Rhyhorn is the first ever Pokemon to headline a Community Day following a vote…

Why Rhyhorn? Rhyperior

The Spikes Pokemon fought off competition from fellow Kantonians Dratini, Machop and Vulpix. The reason for this was none other than Rhyperior — Rhyhorn’s final evolution.

The Drill Pokemon has excellent all round stats. It actually has the best HP among all ground and rock-type species.


Its attacking stats, while behind the likes of Rampardos,  Groudon and Garchomp, are actually pretty decent too. Elsewhere, its defense may be its relative weak point but even so its nothing to that stands out. Its stats are as follows:

  • Attack 241 – 63 of 688
  • Defence 190 – 107 of 688
  • Stamina 251 – 21 of 688

As an overall asset it isn’t too far off Tyranitar – which is an impressive statement considering how useful Tyranitar is to have around. However, being ground and rock-type does leave it vulnerable to certain types.

Exclusive move – Rock Wrecker

Pokemon Go Community Days always include an exclusive move for the headlining Pokemon’s final evolution, and February is no different. If evolved into Rhyperior up to two hours after the event finishes, it will know the otherwise unavailable Rock Wrecker move.


The powerful rock-type move not only deals a significant 110 damage per hit, but is a multi-bar Charge Move. Combine this with the Fast Move Smack Down and bug, fire, flying and ice Pokemon will stand little to no chance against you.

The featured bonus for the event will be 3x Catch Stardust and, of course, shiny Rhyhorn will be available for the first time in Pokemon Go. So, make the most of the three hours to rack up that Catch Stardust, Rhyperior’s exclusive move — and maybe even find a shiny or two.