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Pokemon Go Update | November Community Day | Cyndaquil Event

Published: 6/Nov/2018 18:57 Updated: 10/Nov/2018 5:40

by Paul Cot


The latest Pokemon Go Update features a shiny Cyndaquil! The next Pokemon Go Community Day takes place on November 10.

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Pokemon Go Community Day

The latest Pokemon Go Community Day is underway! Cyndaquil, one of the starting Pokemon from the second generation, is the focal point of the event. Here are the starting times of the Pokemon Go Community Day by region:

  • North America: 11AM to 2PM PT and 2PM to 5PM ET
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa: 10AM to 1PM UTC
  • Asia-Pacific: 12PM to 3PM JST

First seen in Pokemon Gold and Silver, Cyndaquil will be available more frequently in the wild. The latest Pokemon Go Update also means shiny versions of Quilava and Typhlosion will be in the wild! 

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Pokemon Special Moves

The special moves Pokemon will be able to learn for the Community Day have been revealed. If you’re able to evolve Cyndaquil or Quilava into its final form, Typhlosion, before the end of the Pokemon Go Community Day then it will learn the powerful Blast Burn attack. 


Naturally this will improve Typhlosion but the likes of Charizard and Moltress are still expected to be the Pokemon fire meta. A great time to stock up on Cyndaquil candy!

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Pokemon Go Update – Niantic Celebration

Pokemon Go developer, Niantic, has just launched Ingress Prime. To celebrate the release, Niantic are holding a special go Pokemon Go event. Cubone and Ponyta will appear in the wild more frequently. 

However, this isn’t the most exciting part. Shiny Cubone and shiny Ponyta will also be available! Shiny Cubone will have a green tint whereas shiny Ponyta will have a blue mane as opposed to its usual red one. 


Some of you more inquisitive Pokemon fans will be asking the question, why green and blue? Well, green and blue represent the two factions, the Resistance and the Enlightened, in Ingress Prime.

Shiny Marowak

To the surprise of some, shiny alolan Marowak will also be available as part of the Niantic celebration. For those unaware alolan Pokemon are “regional variants”. Whilst they maintain their general form, their stats, form and even type can change.

Update: This has now ended.

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Pokemon Go Stardust

Niantic are also holding another event for Pokemon Go. You can now earn double Stardust in Pokemon Go! 

Combining this with the other bonuses offered in this month’s Pokemon Go community day and you are effectively getting quadruple the Pokemon Stardust! The Stardust Blast event is available right now all the way through to November 13 4PM ET.


The Stardust Blast event is available now in Pokemon Go!

Budew and Buizel

On top of the Pokemon Go Cyndaquil and Stardust Blast event, two new Pokemon from generation four are also available. Budew, the pre-evolved form of Roselia, can be hatched from eggs. Elsewhere, Buizel is now available as a raid battle.

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