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Pokemon Go: Major Update Coming to Trainer Battles!

Published: 14/Feb/2019 22:13

by Paul Cot


A game changing update has been announced for Trainer Battles in Pokemon Go!

Trainer Battles Stat Boosts

The update for the Pokemon Go PvP mode will allow certain moves to trigger stat boosts. More specifically, it will be Pokemon’s attack “and” defence stats that will be increased.

The official announcement states attack and defence but it is more likely a particular move will cause just one of a Pokemon’s attack or defence to rise.

Also, any stat changes will only apply to the Pokemon utilizing the move. This means once they faint, or are indeed switched out of battle, the stats will revert back to their original values.


The update will add a much needed, and welcomed, addition to Pokemon Go Trainer Battles. While the inclusion of features such as protect shields means there is a sufficient tactical element, the change in stats will alter the mode’s dynamic further.

Pokemon Go trainers now have another reason to get Mamoswine!

Stat Boost Moves

So far, it has been confirmed that the following moves will have the ability to cause a stat boost:

  • Ancient Power
  • Ominous Wind
  • Silver Wind

Interestingly, the move Ancient Power is the exclusive move for the mammoth gen 4 Pokemon, Mamoswine. It evolves from Piloswine using a Sinnoh stone.

February Community Day

This big update will take place “during” the Pokemon Go February Community Day. Whether this is on the day itself or during the actual three hour window for the event is yet to be confirmed.


The featured Pokemon for the event is Swinub, whose final evolution is the aforementioned Mamoswine. Consequently, Ancient Power will be at the forefront during the event.