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Pokemon • Jan 11, 2019

Pokemon Go PvP: An Introduction to Trainer Battles

Pokemon Go PvP: An Introduction to Trainer Battles

The new PvP mode, Pokemon Go Trainer Battles, is still in its relative infancy. Trainer Battles could be a prominent feature for Pokemon Go in 2019. Here we bring you up to speed with the basics of Pokemon Go Trainer Battles.


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What are Pokemon Go Trainer Battles?

First introduced in December 2018, Trainer Battles provide the first player to player (PvP) combat experience in Pokemon Go. The PvP mode has been requested since the launch of Pokemon Go back in the summer of 2016.

One of the main elements of Pokemon games are battles. Therefore, without them in one of Pokemon's main games seemed strange.


The concept of the Pokemon Go PvP battles is similar to that from mainline Pokemon games such as Pokemon Blue and the latest game on the Nintendo Switch Let's Go.

However, there is one big difference. Traditional Pokemon battles are turn-based whereas Pokemon Go uses a real-time system. They work similarly to Pokemon Go gym and raid battles.

One difference between the two is you're allowed to use only three Pokemon. This is in contrast to gym and raid battles where you can use the full compliment of six Pokemon.


Pokemon Go Trainer Battles in action...

How to Battle?

Firstly, the Pokemon Go PvP mode is currently locked to level 10 trainers and above. This isn't a problem though as getting to level 10 doesn't take too long.

It also allows you to become familiar with the fundamentals of Pokemon Go and get a few Pokemon to battle with.

To begin Trainer Battles go to the map screen and click the nearby button. From there you can challenge each team leader as well as offer a challenge to other Pokemon Go players.

To challenge other Pokemon Go players you will need to scan the QR code on their mobile phone screen. Alternatively, you can battle players at a distance. These trainers will need to be ultra or best friends though.

A good way to start your battling on Pokemon Go is against the computer. Team Leaders Blanche, Candela and Spark are the best way to get some practice in before committing against more competitive real life trainers. Battling against the leaders of Mystic, Valor and Instinct will also earn you rewards.

Trainer Battle Leagues

To promote a competitive, fair environment, Pokemon Go Trainer Battles are divided into three different leagues.

  • Great league: 1,500 CP
  • Ultra League: 2,500 CP
  • Master League: Unlimited CP

The lower leagues also facilitate a greater variety of Pokemon as the meta for isn't quite so defined. If you have a Pokemon with a CP of even 1,501 they will not be eligible for a great league battle.

The Battle Itself

The battles work on the premise of a fast move and two charge moves. These two charge moves are in comparison to the one you can use in gym and raid battles.

Fast moves provide immediate damage whereas charge moves, as the name suggests, need to be charged before providing the resulting damage. There are also protect shields to be thrown into the equation. These can be used twice per battle and protect you from an incoming attack.

This, alongside the different types of moves, whilst still relatively limited, does add at least some strategy to the battles.

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