Pokemon Go players offer tips for getting Best Buddies fast

A Pokemon Go trainer playing with their buddyNiantic

Pokemon Go players give the best advice to one disappointed trainer who has never gotten a Best Buddy before.

In Pokemon Go, users can level up their Buddy by earning Hearts from in-game activities. The different methods include walking together, playing, battling, and giving Buddies treats like Berries or Poffins. Bonding with a Buddy would help trainers reach the four Buddy Levels: Good, Great, Ultra, and Best.

To become Best Buddies, players need to collect 300 Hearts for their partner Pokemon. The sought-after status grants their Buddy a CP boost while in combat.

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Here are some tips fellow Pokemon Go players had to offer one trainer without a Best Buddy.

A buddy in Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go users advise players on how to reach Best Buddy level

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, Reddit user bmaz_33 dishearteningly asked if any players had advice on how to reach Best Buddy status with their Pokemon. The OP had never obtained a Best Buddy before and wanted to earn one fast.

Ivi-Tora suggested working with multiple Buddies per day. “Start with one, feed it, play, picture, and train with the team leaders three times (you can just surrender to get the Heart quick) then swap to another buddy,” the user wrote. “Repeat this nine times and keep the tenth buddy with you.”

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If trainers make their Buddy excited everyday, the Best Buddy process would take around two weeks. When Pokemon are excited, this allows players to double the max amount of Hearts they can receive each day.

“Between feeding, battling, walking, snapshot, and playing, you can get 22 Hearts in excited status,” TheOBRobot advised after obtaining 200 Best Buddies. “You can get 2 more for visiting a new Pokestop and up to 3 more if your Buddy brings you gifts.”

During Sustainability Week, Niantic claimed players could earn Candy with their Buddy Pokemon for half the usual distance. However, the company quickly removed the limited-time offer. To learn more about the situation, read our article on how some trainers felt betrayed by the ordeal.

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