Pokemon Go players demand Candy XL rework over “sus” exchange rate

pokemon go xl candyNiantic

Niantic has been urged to rework the conversion rate for Candy XL in the popular mobile game, and players have found the perfect solution.

The developers of the popular mobile title, available on both Android and iOS devices, have an exchange rate for Candy to Candy XL standing at 1:100.

Now, getting the XL version is extremely advantageous in-game as it allows users to level up their Pokemon higher than before. This means that using one will allow a Pokemon to reach the highest possible level of the level cap, which is Lvl. 50.

That said, many are now calling for a simple change that would make the grind a little easier.

Pokemon Go players want Candy XL change

In a Reddit post, uploaded to the Pokemon Go fan page, one user pitched a possible rework for the feature.

It has racked up hundreds of interactions, between upvotes and comments, since it was posted on September 1.

They said: “Since XL candy is available from level 30, and is almost guaranteed in trades and high-level Pokemons / transfers is this exchange rate reasonable? I think 25 candy – 1 Candy XL would be far more better.”

It turns out, that lots of fellow fans agree, too.

Pokemon Go players react

Members of the community seem to have formed a consensus on the topic, too.

One replied: “I think it’s way too much. It should be like 50-60 for an XL. Rare Pokemon basically have to rely on rare XL candy because of this.”

A second added: “Seems sus that it doesn’t work the other way around. 1 XL exchanged for 100 candies.”

Another said: “I think the rate of acquiring XL candy, in general, is one of the worst things in the game and why my play tailed off after reaching 40.”

Whether or not Niantic will answer the call and make changes to the way Candy XL can be acquired in-game remains to be seen, but it appears to be turning some players away.