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World’s best Pokemon Go player does an insane amount of raids in one day

Published: 30/Aug/2019 12:47 Updated: 1/Sep/2019 15:49

by Paul Cot


BrandonTan91 is considered by many to be the best Pokemon Go player in the world. He does more in a day than some players have ever done in the iconic mobile game.

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Who the number one Pokemon Go player in the world is might well be a subjective question, but Brandon’s stats cannot be argued with.

He has accrued over 900 million XP, as of August 2019 – an amount which would have got him to level 40 thirty times over. If you’re a regular Pokemon Go player you’ll know just how long it takes to get anywhere close to the highest level.


@BrandonTan91Brandon Tan, considered by many to be the world’s best Pokemon Go trainer…
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50 raids in a day

XP and ranking aside, Brandon decided to attempt an audacious challenge – to complete 50 raid battles in one day. Given the 12 hour raid period which runs from 9am to 9pm local time, this would equate to just over four an hour.

The task is made trickier by the fact that raid battles aren’t set out in advance, meaning you can plan the first part of the day but have to somewhat wing the rest of the plan as raids become available. Due to this, it isn’t uncommon for Brandon to enter a raid battle with less than two minutes remaining.


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The Signaporean is so versed in the art of Pokemon Go and efficiency, he even knows that you can be in the lobby of a raid battle as long as you are within 80 meters away. Once the battle starts, you can be as far as you want from it. This allows him to drive off in order to prepare for the following raid.

What about traffic laws?

A lot of you may be looking at the footage and wondering how he can legally play Pokemon Go while driving. Well, that’s thanks to some specific and rather lenient traffic laws within Singapore.


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According to Brandon Tan, those specific laws are that you must be doing all of the following for it to be considered a crime:

  • Holding the device
  • The device must be in use, be it for texting, phone call, etc
  • The vehicle must be in motion

This means as long as the device is docked you can essentially do what you want with it, even while driving as normal.

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100 IVs are a regular occurence

There a lot of Pokemon Go trainers that have never got a perfect IV Pokemon. Plenty of trainers will be asking the question, how do you get a 100% IV Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Brandon is unsurprisingly no stranger to powerful Pokemon, though. He has access to perfect stats on a regular basis, using scanners that highlight their presence. Sure many will consider it cheating but in the life of someone who is essentially a Pokemon Go professional, these tools are needed.


Emulating Brandon is probably a bridge too far for most but it’s interesting to follow the apparent world’s best trainer regardless. You can experience a typical day of him catching Pokemon in the above video from Trainers Tips.