Pokemon Go March Community Day rumors

Paul Cot
Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Go March Community Day is up next and although it may seem obvious who the headliner will be, Niantic may throw out a curveball.

The Community Day pattern has been well established at this point – starter Pokemon have exclusively headlined odd months. In contrast, even months have been harder to predict.

Who will headline – running out of starters?

So, with that said it seems like Snivy is set to headline the March CD. Well, probably, maybe not. Ordinarily, the next starter Pokemon in line would be a shoo-in but the Gen 5 starter may not be, and that’s because it is a generation 5 Pokemon.

Snivy Pokemon GoPokemon Fandom
Snivy is the favorite to headline the March Community Day…

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Including Pikachu, there have already been 13 starters as headliners. At present, there are only the Gen 5 starters left, as Gen 6 won’t be released until the summer at the earliest.

This means, at the current schedule, all the present starter Pokemon will have been used as Community Day headliners by June 2020. Even if Chespin and co were available by August, that still means all the Gen 6 would be used by January 2021. So, the pattern is going to break at some point, it’s just a question of when.

There’s still a good chance Snivy will headline March and that the change-up will come later in the year. Presumably, if Snivy is next up then Tepig and Oshawott will feature in May and July respectively.

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What other options are there?

The headlining February CD Pokemon was the first to be decided by public vote. Dratini, Machop, Rhyhorn or Vulpix were the options and as we all know Rhyhorn won the prestigious vote.

Given the positive reception the vote had, Niantic may decide to do another one for the second month in a row. We can’t be sure whether this will feature all Pokemon from the Kanto region again, or even a mixture, but there are still several options.

These include the aforementioned Dratini, Machop and Vulpix but there are still two three-stage evolution Pokemon waiting from Gen 1 – Abra and Porygon. Who knows though, maybe we’ll get a random surprise from a later generation.

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Rather than leave the starter Pokemon entirely, they could just change it to every three months instead. This would see Tepig headline in June and Oshawott in September.

Our money is on Snivy headlining in March and Niantic breaking the pattern following the exhaustion of the Gen 5 starters. Regardless, it’s going to be interesting to see what Niantic announce and how Community Days will play out going forward.