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Pokemon Go Community Day January 2019 | Totodile event starts today!

Published: 11/Dec/2018 7:16 Updated: 12/Jan/2019 5:09

by Paul Cot


The first Pokemon Go Community Day of 2019 has been announced. Totodile, one of the gen 2 starting Pokemon, will be the featured Pokemon for January!

Pokemon Go Community Day January Event

The first community day of 2019 is already highly anticipated. As suspected, it has been confirmed that the water-type Pokemon, Totodile will be the centre piece for the Pokemon Go January Community Day.

In addition to this two bonuses have also been confirmed the January event:

  • Egg hatching will take 1/4 of the distance
  • Lures will last for three hours

These bonuses also stack on top of the currently on-going Pokemon Go Hatchathon event. Simply put, this means you can accrue a lot of stardust and candy!

Incubator Questions

There is a lot of uncertainty about how incubator bonuses will work before, during and after the community day. This includes the stacking element with previous perks. These points should clarify:

  • To take advantage of the quicker incubating times you MUST place the egg in the incubator AFTER the event starts
  • As long as the egg is placed in the incubator during the event, the lowered hatch distance will still apply for that egg after the event
  • Placing an egg in a super incubator will result in a further decrease in distance required. For example, a 10km egg during the event will take 1.67km to hatch. 10km/4=2.5km, 2.5km/1.5=1.67km

January Exclusive Move

Exclusive moves are yet another reason to participate in Pokemon Go Community Days. If you can evolve Totodile into its final evolution, Feraligatr, then it will learn the powerful water-type attack Hydro Cannon. This evolution must occur prior to one hour after the Community Day event ends.


Totodile was the clear contender to be the January headliner. Observant Pokemon Go players will have noticed a pattern in Community Day Pokemon. Starting Pokemon have been the headlining Pokemon in odd months. Pikachu in January 2018, Bulbasaur in March 2018 and so forth.

Moreover, November’s Pokemon was Cyndaquil. Consequently, Totodile was the obvious choice to feature in January 2019.

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Community Day 2018

Month Pokemon Gen Special Move
January Pikachu 1 Surf
February Dratini 1 Draco Meteor
March Bulbasaur 1 Frenzy Plant
April Mareep 2 Dragon Pulse
May Charmander 1 Blast Burn
June Larvitar 2 Smack Down
July Squirtle 1 Hydro Cannon
August Eevee 1 Last Resort
September Chikorita 2 Frenzy Plant
October Beldum 3 Meteor Mash
November Cyndaquil 2 Blast Burn
December Previous 11

The news was confirmed on the official Pokemon Go Twitter account:

Community Day January Date

The Pokemon Go Community Day for January will take place January 12. The times of the event vary by continent but are listed below:

  • Americas and Greenland: 11am PST to 2pm PST (2pm ET to 5pm ET)
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa and India: 10am GMT to 1pm GMT
  • Asia Pacific: 12pm JST to 3pm JST

Glastrier or Spectrier: Which one should you get in Crown Tundra?

Published: 25/Oct/2020 0:21 Updated: 25/Oct/2020 0:22

by Paul Cot


Glastrier and Spectrier are two new Legendary Pokemon added in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC. Unfortunately, you can only get one of them (at least in one save file), so which one is better and why?

First off let’s look at their typings. Glastrier is a pure ice-type and Spectrier is pure ghost.

Of course, this is somewhat down to preference but when it comes to weaknesses, there’s only one winner. Glastrier is weak to fire, fighting, rock and steel. It is immune against no types and only resistant to ice attacks.

Meanwhile, Spectrier is only weak to dark and ghost attacks. It is immune to normal and fighting, and resistant to bug and poison. In short, Spectrier’s typing is much more favorable.

Calyrex Shadow Rider
Calyrex fusing into its Shadow Rider form…

Glastrier vs Spectrier stats

There’s more to Pokemon than just typings, though. Each of their base stats are as follows:

Glastrier Spectrier
HP 100 HP 100
Attack 145 Attack 65
Defense 130 Defense 60
Special Attack 65 Special Attack 145
Special Defense 110 Special Defense 80
Speed 30 Speed 130

To simplify these stats, Spectrier will provide you with a fantastic fast and strong ghost-type Pokemon. However, while its special attack is massive, it doesn’t have the moveset to take full advantage of it.

Glastrier’s abysmal speed is a problem. Along with its undesirable pure ice typing many trainers won’t be interested in it, and we understand why.

Outside of those bad points though, the rest of it is very impressive. Along with great defense, it has a far better move pool than Spectrier which is very reliant on Shadow Ball.

If you’re interested in competitive battling then you can’t really go against Spectrier. If you’re playing for fun instead, then Spectrier may be the better option.

How to separate Glastrier/Spectrier from Calyrex

In the Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC you actually catch Calyrex with either Glastrier or Spectrier together. Respectively, it is Calyrex’s Ice Rider and Shadow Rider fusions forms.

While they do come together, you can separate them to give yourself two Legendaries for the price of one. To do this make sure either of Calyrex’s fusion forms are in your party.

Following that, head over to your inventory and select the Reins of Unity. Give it to the fused Calyrex to separate them. You can rejoin them while they are both in your party by once again selecting the Reins of Unity.

This is a brilliant option to have, although naturally the fusion forms are stronger. Now, you just have to decide which steed you want!