Terrifying Pokemon Go glitch haunts player with Aggron

. 28 days ago
pokemon aggron steel/rock-type

One Pokemon Go player has encountered a weird Aggron glitch wherein the creature randomly pops up when exiting the app.

A mammoth-sized Steel/Rock-type monster that debuted in Gen III, Aggron evolves from the Iron Armor Pokemon known as Lairon.

Unsurprisingly, Aggron counts as nothing short of formidable in Niantic’s Pokemon Go, having previously acted as a Raid Boss for Tier 3 and 4 Raids.

While its hulking size helps the creature dominate on the battlefield, one Pokemon Go user learned the hard way that just the look of Aggron can also prove quite terrifying.

Pokemon Go Aggron glitch haunts player

Pokemon go aggron menu screen
Aggron terrifies Pokemon Go player.

Reddit user also_pikachad recently posted a clip of their attempt to back out of the Pokemon Go app. As opposed to shutting down, the game repeatedly displayed an image of Aggron.

In a reply to the initial post, also_pikachad said the bizarre error first occurred after they switched out Aggron for another Pokemon. Whenever the player backed out of the app, a wild Aggron would take over their phone screen.

Fortunately, it appears as though this terrifying Pokemon Go Aggron glitch lasted for a brief period of time. Also_pikchad doesn’t count as the only Pokemon Go user to encounter this phenomenon, either.

Redditor SlowpokeLib noted in the thread that they have experienced similar issues, which they once assumed were phone-specific. Lilscrublet93 claimed their recent run-in with the bug featured Obstagoon at the center of attention.

Neither of the Redditors explained how to resolve this particular issue; as such, it could constitute a bug that goes away on its own.

Whatever the case, Pokemon Go players may want to keep a close eye out when exiting the game’s app.

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