Pokemon events cancelled amid Coronavirus fears

Paul Cot

Pokemon fans across the world have been enjoying the festivities of Pokemon Day but unfortunately, the ever-growing threat of Coronavirus has ruined several events.

The virus, originating out of Wuhan, China, has become an ever-increasing threat in Japan. Several events had been scheduled at Pokemon Centers throughout the birthplace of the franchise but many of them have been canceled.

Coronavirus hits Pokemon

The events canceled reportedly include mascot meet-and-greets, workshops, and more. However, Pokemon Centers have remained open.

Pokemon Center Japan
Pokemon Centers in Japan will remain open though…

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Pokemon Trading Card Game (TGC) events have yet to be canceled but it is expected they will be soon. This is hardly surprising considering schools have been shut across Japan in an attempt to contain the virus.

From the amount of news coverage alone, the general public and Pokemon fans alike will be well aware of the dangers Coronavirus presents. It’s unfortunate, but most will be understanding that these cancelations are a necessity.

Pokemon Day still a success

Aside from this one negative, albeit a big one, Pokemon Day was an enjoyable occasion for fans across the world. The Pokemon Company covered all bases with the new movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back — Evolution, releasing directly to Netflix in the United States.

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The highly anticipated 2020 Pokemon of the Year was also revealed. There had been concerns, at least for some fans, that the winners would be an all too familiar sight, but this proved not to be true.

Pokemon’s two most popular games – Pokemon Sword/Shield and Pokemon Go – were also covered with special Pokemon Day-related events. As part of the movie celebrations, Mewtwo was added to Max Raid Battles in the Galar region.

Some fans had been clamoring for a challenge in the game and the ultra-powerful Mewtwo provides that and then some. It cannot be caught, however, but the challenge of defeating and the items it rewards are well worth the time. A new Mythical Pokemon, Zarude, was also confirmed but details about how to catch it have yet to be announced.

Elsewhere, Pokemon Go are holding a special event to commemorate the annual celebration which will go into early March. Among featured species from the Kanto region, the event also sees the introduction of Clone Pokemon to the mobile game.

It’s a shame some fans had to be disappointed by some events being canceled but obviously this was out of the Pokemon Company’s control.