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Pokemon community baffled by “dumbest” evolution design choices

Published: 8/Feb/2020 0:10 Updated: 8/Feb/2020 6:27

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon player’s tweet went viral when they pointed out the “dumbest” evolution in the popular Nintendo franchise. The post then kicked off a community discussion on what doesn’t make sense in the beloved RPG.

Pokemon originally made its debut in 1996,with the release of Red and Blue on the Game Boy. The groundbreaking RPG’s catch ’em all mechanics and leveling up gameplay design made it one of the most successful Nintendo franchises of all time.

However a player’s post on Twitter explaining what they found to be the “dumbest” evolution sparked a thorough debate among fans on which monsters should be related but are not.


Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Evolving Pokemon is really addicting!

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Pokemon community debates “dumbest” evolutions

Pokemon evolutions have been a staple of the long-running series from the very beginning . It’s where players can transform their characters after reaching a certain amount of experience.

However, not all trainers are happy with some of the design choices made each generation, such as YouTuber ‘Saltydkdan’ who posted, “The absolute DUMBEST thing in Pokémon ever ISN’T the lack of post game content, it isn’t the lack of the National Dex in recent games. It’s that Luvdisc doesn’t evolve into Alomomola.”

The tweet included a picture of the Generation III fish next to the Gen V Water-type, which shows that the two look identical and would have been a natural evolution chain. “ITS ABSOLUTE BULLS**T LOOK AT THEM!” they exclaimed.


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The passionate fan then made their argument for why the two monsters should have been connected, stating, “Both water-types, both designed around the “Heart Fish” concept,” before he pointed out, “It feels like Alomomola was supposed to evolve from Luvdisc,” but theorized Game Freak abandoned the decision.

Twitter: @saltykdan
A Pokemon fan pointed out what he thought was the “dumbest” evolution.

The post received over 31.k likes and sparked a discussion within the community, as other players began to post their evolutions they had issue with. Twitter user ‘FrostyAlmighty‘ replied to the thread saying they were “shocked” that Gen V’s Bouffalant wasn’t an evolution of Tauros.

Twitter: @FrostyAlmighty
Another user pointed out that Gen V’s Bouffalant looks like Tauros evolution.

Hilariously, users pointed out to a scene from the anime where the show questions why Dragonair evolves into Dragonite instead of Generation III’s Milotic – which it looks much closer to in design.


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With over 807 Pokemon in total, and eight generations under its belt, it’s understandable that fans will not be a fan of every design. But it’s hard not to point out when two monsters look eerily similar, and probably should have been an evolution of the other.

The latest title in the series, Sword & Shield, released in November 2019 to critical acclaim and huge sales. The eighth generation debut sold over six million units its opening weekend alone, making it the fastest selling Switch title to date.