Pokemon are being turned into Ghibli characters by AI and fans are furious

Umbreon aiArtistryofAI

An AI is turning Pokemon into adorable characters that look like they’ve come straight from a Studio Ghibli movie, bringing a new adorable design to the beloved creatures – but not all fans love the nature of the images.

It’s well known that the introduction of AI artwork has been a controversial topic, spanning from many claiming it steals work without permission and that it could change creative media forever. Now, through the work of an AI, one user has created a combination of adorable Pokemon and Studio Ghibli films, placing the beloved creatures into equally as beloved settings.

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However, upon the promotion of the AI design, many Pokemon fans have been torn, arguing the page should promote different work, while others ensure the designs look “incredible.”

Pokemon AIArtistryofAI

Ai makes Pokemon look like a Studio Ghibli character

AI art is rapidly rising in popularity, with many arguing for and against the digitally created artwork. One such design has seen an Ai taking the traditional designs of Pokemon like Charmander, Umbreon, and Blastoise and turning them into adorable Studio Ghibli-style characters.

The French Pokemon Twitter page released the artwork, promoting the designs, stating (translated from French) that “A user has used an artificial intelligence that can create Pokémon in the style of Studios Ghibli.” Naturally, the images look adorable, but many fans following the page were furious at the page’s promotion of AI artwork.

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Due to the controversy surrounding AI art, one commenter requested the Twitter page changes the type of work they promote, saying (in a translation from French), “Instead of promoting AI, wouldn’t it be better to talk about REAL indie artists who do a real job and much better than an AI?”

Others agreed with the comment, further explaining (translated from French) how AI creations are “most often trained by stealing the drawings and the style of many artists who have not given their authorization for this” rather asking to highlight real artists’ work.

However, while there was some uproar, others took to the comments to display their love for the idea and design, with one commenter expressing how “the images are incredible.”

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Other’s commented on their cute style and the possibility of Studio Ghibli creating a Pokemon-style film begging the Ghibli Twitter page to please do something this could be a huge banger!”

While it’s an unlikely collaboration, the idea of Ghibli-style Pokemon has got many fans wishing such images could be a reality.