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Massive Pokemon Sword & Shield leak reveals 21 new moves

Published: 24/May/2020 0:55

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Home datamine has revealed a whopping 21 new moves that are coming to Sword & Shield with the next DLC update.

Pokemon Sword & Shield smashed sales records when they released onto the Nintendo Switch in November 2019, quickly becoming the fastest-selling title on the console at the time. Players fell in love with the new Galar region, and it left them wanting more.

Fans had their prayers answered when it was revealed that the RPG is getting two new expansions. Titled the ‘Isle of Armor’ and ‘The Crown Tundra,’ the DLC adds new monsters, characters, and more – and, according to a datamine, several new moves too.

Game Freak
The two expansions are expected to release in 2020.

21 new Pokemon moves leaked

According to NintendoEverything, some crafty fans dug through the 1.1.0 Pokemon Home update, and unearthed a ton of new moves that they claim are coming to Sword & Shield in the near future.

Sadly, only the names of the moves have been revealed, and it is currently unclear what type they are, what they’ll do, and who can use them. All except Jungle Healing, that is, as some fans will no doubt recognize it as the mythical monster Zarude’s exclusive Grass-type action.

Game Freak
Zarude is the new mythical Pokemon headed to Sword & Shield.

The full list of leaked moves can be found below:

  • Expanding Force
  • Steel Roller
  • Scale Shot
  • Meteor Beam
  • Shell Side Arm
  • Misty Explosion
  • Grassy Glide
  • Rising Voltage
  • Terrain Pulse
  • Skitter Smack
  • Burning Jealousy
  • Lash Out
  • Poltergeist
  • Corrosive Gas
  • Coaching
  • Flip Turn
  • Triple Axel
  • Dual Wingbeat
  • Scorching Sands
  • Jungle Healing
  • Wicked Blow
  • Surging Strikes

The first DLC, Isle of Armor, is set to release by the end of June, with The Crown Tundra slated to come out some time in the Fall – but neither have concrete release dates just yet. 

With a release expected so soon, it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to assume a Nintendo Direct could happen in the next few weeks to detail the latest add on for Sword & Shield.


Pokemon Go January 19 Spotlight Hour: Shroomish, 2x bonus, more

Published: 18/Jan/2021 12:47

by Daniel Megarry


Pokemon Go is celebrating its third Spotlight Hour for January 2021 by focusing on Gen 3 species Shroomish. The event will feature plenty of the ‘mon to catch, as well as bonus XP.

For January’s third Spotlight Hour, Niantic are looking back at the Hoenn region’s Shroomish. It was first introduced in Gameboy Advance titles Ruby and Sapphire, which marked the franchise’s third generation.

The one-hour Spotlight event will give players a chance to stock up on candy for the mushroom-inspired ‘mon, which is useful as collecting a total of 50 candies will allow them to evolve their Shroomish into a Breloom.

Here’s everything you need to know about the limited-time Spotlight Hour that takes place on January 19.

Shroomish in Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Shroomish gets the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour on January 19.

Pokemon Go Shroomish Spotlight Hour start time

Each Tuesday, the mobile title honors a single ‘mon for an hour. During those 60 minutes, fans will see a major boost in spawn rates which will allow them to stock up on Candy, as well as getting a chance to score a Shiny variant.

Gen III’s Shroomish is getting a Spotlight Hour on January 19. The limited-time event officially kicks off 6PM and ends at 7PM. It should be noted that it is based on each player’s local time, so make sure to show up based on your own clock.

It’s good to be prepared for these Spotlight Hours, as 60 minutes isn’t much time at all and you don’t want to waste it by visiting PokeStops. Stock up on Pokeballs and berries beforehand, and you’ll be good to go.

Using a lure is also a good idea if you have one spare as it will increase the amount of Pokemon you encounter in the wild for half an hour.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour bonus

The Shroomish Spotlight Hour coincides with this month’s Mystery Bonus. On January 19, players can get double catch Candy during the celebration.

Players looking to evolve their Shroomish into a Breloom should take advantage of this, as they will earn double the Candy when they catch Shroomish, allowing them to evolve their favorite creature in less time.

Pokemon Go Mystery Bonus Hour screen.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
In 2021 Mystery Bonus Hour will run alongside Spotlight celebrations.

Unfortunately, Shroomish isn’t currently available as a Shiny variant in Pokemon Go, but we’re hoping that will change soon.

Just like previous years, each month will have a total of four Spotlight Hours that will run every Tuesday. Next up will be the elephant-inspired Phanpy on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

January is jam-packed with events in Pokemon Go. Shroomish’s Spotlight Hour launches on the same day as the Hoenn celebration event, which highlights Gen 3 Pokemon including Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip.