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Level scaling revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor

Published: 15/Jun/2020 16:37 Updated: 15/Jun/2020 16:38

by Paul Cot


Ahead of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass release, details about the first of the DLCs – The Isle of Armor – are emerging. Among those is level scaling.

Trainers will be delighted about this new addition. It was confirmed by Nintendo product marketing specialist, Demetrius Boggs, who revealed it will apply to both battles and Pokemon encountered in the wild.

This means trainers of all levels can enjoy everything that the Isle of Armor expansion has to offer. So, whether you have a completed Pokedex and have a team of level 100 Pokemon or are just starting out, you need not worry.


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However, to access the new areas from the Isle of Armor, players will need to have reached the Wild Area from the original game. Of course,  it’s safe to say that majority of trainers purchasing the new DLC will have completed Pokemon Sword and Shield’s base game.

Fortunately, the Wild Area can be reached within just a couple of hours of gameplay, so threat not if you still haven’t reached this part of the game. The specifics surrounding the level scaling isn’t clear right now – after all, we’re still two days away from release.


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It has been reported, though, that a trainer who had a Level 60 Pokemon as their highest, encountered species at around the same level in their first battle. Whether this continues on to Level 100 or if it can get much lower than this remains to be seen.

Regardless, it’s good to see that Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have made the effort to make the Expansion Pass enjoyable for all levels of player. Pokemon fans will be able to find out about the scaling – and plenty of other exciting details – for themselves when the Expansion Pass releases on June 17.


Those who purchase the Expansion Pass will be given automatic access to the subsequent DLC – The Crown Tundra – when it releases in the Fall of this year.