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Is a Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC just around the corner?

Published: 10/Dec/2019 11:33

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Sword and Shield is already nearly a month old, but many fans will already be wondering what’s next for the recording breaking Nintendo Switch game. Can we expect a DLC soon?

Since the original Pokemon titles, Game Freak have done a better job of giving the latest games some longevity. Gone are the days of completing the story and having little else to do.

There has always been the extra task of completing the games’ Pokedex, but this is an activity not all trainers choose to undertake. Shiny hunting was the next big thing in Pokemon games, with the feature introduced in the Johto region, and for some this is more exciting than the story itself!

Post-games have been relatively disappointing considering the epic return to Kanto in the Gen 2 games. The next step in the evolution of Pokemon games has been competitive battling, something which Pokemon Sword and Shield are trying to take to the next level.

Nevertheless, all of this isn’t enough to keep a lot of players engaged beyond the initial story. Pokemon fans are a demanding bunch and in the year 2019 where new content is expected, this begs the question… Will we get DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Sword Shield DLC?

Before we begin to speculate, it’s important to note that The Pokemon Company have remained silent on a potential DLC. That doesn’t mean there won’t be one, though.

Pokemon CompanyIt seems strange the likes of Bulbasaur and Squirtle aren’t in Pokemon Sword and Shield, at least for now….

More Pokemon to come?

The batch of datamines that preceded Pokemon Sword and Shield’s release actually indicated some form of DLC could indeed be in the works. The Galar region Pokedex might contain 400 species, currently, but the game’s code shows there is actually 435 Pokemon in total.

The additional Pokemon include Bulbasaur, Squirtle (which may explain their strange omission from the game), Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and various other legends. Presumably, these are all going to be added to Sword and Shield at some point.

Adding them via DLC would make the most sense and would give trainers who have since put the game down a big reason to pick it up again. They could even spread them over two or three updates, too.

That, or Game Freak are playing a joke with us all. It seems very unlikely they’d have intended to include them in the game only to remove them for good at the last second.

Pokemon CompanyThe current post-game features Sordward and Shielbert, where you end up catching Zacian or Zamazenta.

A bigger post-game?

Anyone who was following the build-up to Pokemon Sword and Shield will have come across the Kalos post-game leak. It seemed too good to be true at first and it appears it was.

Everything seemed to be lining up for an incredible return to Kalos. Despite a storyline overlap, similar caves between the regions and even a supposed tease by Junichi Masuda himself, it never materialized.

Could Game Freak be keeping a huge trick up their sleeve and saving Kalos region for a huge DLC? Almost certainly not, but who knows, it would make up for the National Pokedex controversy.

Meanwhile, particular Gigantamax Pokemon are being featured on a close to monthly basis. It started with Butterfree and we’re now on a super-sized Snorlax. The question is will there be any form of content updates besides new Gigantamax Pokemon? Only time will tell but don’t expect anything before January at the earliest.


Massive ban wave coming in Pokemon Sword, Shield and Pokemon Home

Published: 22/Jan/2021 15:36

by Alex Garton


The Pokemon Company has announced a new ban wave incoming for Pokemon Home and Pokemon Sword & Shield players who have been modifying their save data.

As seen in the majority of online games, both Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokemon Home are strictly monitored by The Pokemon Company for any exploits or hacks.

It was only back in June 2020 that the company enforced a mass ban wave on players hacking the Max Raid Battles in Pokemon Sword & Shield. The players were using exploits to increase their chance of receiving a Shiny Pokemon from the events.

Of course, The Pokemon Company took action against the trainers who were found to have taken part in these hacked raids, with some even being permanently banned from the game.

Now, a new ban wave has been announced and it affects playing using exploits on both Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokemon Home.

Pokemon Sword and Shield landscape
Game Freak
Pokemon Sword & Shield was released November 15, 2019.

New ban wave announced by The Pokemon Company

According to a report by Serebii, The Pokemon Company has announced a new ban wave coming for players who have been modifying save data on either Pokemon Sword & Shield or Pokemon Home.

Players who receive a ban will be unable to use online features, trade, or use Pokemon Home. The rules surrounding the modification of the game’s save data is listed in the title’s terms and conditions. There, it directly states that players should not modify save data in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

In terms of the length of these bans, they usually vary from player to player. In some cases, trainers may even be issued a permanent suspension of their account.

Pokemon Sword & Shield location
Game Freak
Modifying save data includes adding Pokemon to the game that you didn’t catch for yourself.

It’s obvious The Pokemon Company is looking to crack down on players modifying their save data as they believe it ruins the experience for other players.

Both Pokemon Sword & Shield and Home have always had issues with hacks and modification. This is just one method the developers are using to attempt to keep the exploits at bay and deter players from abusing them.