How to recruit Jirachi & Deoxys in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Meg Bethany Koepp
Nintendo / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon trainers looking to add Legendary monsters Deoxys and Jirachi to their rescue team in Mystery Dungeon DX on Nintendo Switch have come to the right place – we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

On March 6, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo released Mystery Dungeon DX – a modern remake of the 2005 Game Boy Advance games. It also came with an updated painterly-esque art style, and many new features such as Mega Evolutions, and Auto-Move.

In the original titles, you could recruit Legendary monsters like Jirachi and Deoxys to your rescue team – and the Switch game is no different. If you’d like to find out how to get the mythical duo, keep on reading.

The Pokemon Company / Nintendo
Jirachi can be found after battling through Wish Cave’s 99 floors.

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How to recruit Deoxys and Jirachi

In order to get either of the Pokemon, players will need to have beaten the main story campaign first as they’re not available at all until then. For Deoxys, you’ll have to befriend Lugia in the Silver Trench first, too – a guide for which can be found here.

After that’s done, Xatu will show up at your base and tell you about a new area that’s opened up called the Meteor Cave. It is recommended that you’re at least level 60 otherwise you could be in for a hard time, though make sure you have some Dark-type moves to make it easier.

The dungeon differs slightly from others as it contains shadows of Deoxys to defeat, rather than just regular enemies alone. You won’t be given access to the stairs until you’ve found the ‘real’ shadow. The final fight can be found on floor 20, and the Legendary monster will recruit automatically upon defeat.

The Pokemon Company / Nintendo
Deoxys recruits automatically once you’ve bested him in battle.

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Before trying to recruit Jirachi, make sure you have the Mt. Moonview camp – you can buy it from Wigglytuff for 7,000 CP. Once that’s done, you’ll need to have befriended Latias and Latios first after visiting Solar Cave. Upon doing this, Medicham and Whiscash will be waiting by the pond for you to speak to them – do this every day until Ekans shows up and tells you that one of them has gone missing.

Accept Whiscash’s rescue request on the Bulletin Board outside the Pelipper Post Office, and Wish Cave will open up. Rescue Medicham from floor 20 and you’ll be given the Wish Stone item, allowing you to return again where you’ll have to reach floor 99 in order to find and battle Jirachi.

Upon defeat, the Legendary Pokemon will automatically request to join your rescue team, and be recruited to the Mt. Moonview camp. He’ll also give you different items depending on what “wish” you want granted.