How to get Friend Bow & boost recruit rate in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Nintendo / The Pokemon Company

If certain Pokemon just refuse to join your team in Mystery Dungeon DX for Nintendo Switch, you’ll probably need to find the Friend Bow in order to increase your recruitment rate – here’s how you can do so.

DX is a modern day remake of 2005’s Red & Blue Rescue Team for the Game Boy Advance, and was released on March 6 by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. While it is a reimagining of an older title, it boasts a plethora of new features such as autosave, Mega Evolutions, and Auto-Mode for an enhanced experience.

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What’s returned, though, is the ability to recruit different monsters to your team. While some will join you easily, others can give you a harder time – especially strong foes and Legendaries such as Mew. However, having the Friend Bow on hand can be a big help to your chances, and we’re here to tell you how to find it.

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How to get the Friend Bow

First things first, players will need to have completed the main campaign before the opportunity to access the item will be unlocked – unfortunate for those that want to recruit certain monsters to make the story missions easier.

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Once that’s done, there are multiple ways to get the Bow. One way is in Buried Relic, a 99 floor dungeon that only opens up after completing Stormy Sea and befriending Kyogre – the guide for which can be found here.

Once you’ve beaten Regirock and clawed your way to the top, you’ll find it laying on the ground amongst other rewards such as Deluxe Boxes which can only be opened upon returning back to your camp.

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Nintendo / The Pokemon Company (via YouTube: Echo the Lombax)
The Friend Bow boosts recruitment rate by 10%.

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If that many floors seem like a slog, it isn’t the only dungeon that offers it at the end. According to Pokemon YouTuber Echo the Lombax, the item can be found on floor 20 of Solar Cave, alongside some other treasures.

It has also been said that you can find the Friend Bow on floor 30 of Mt. Faraway after beating Ho-Oh and revisiting the dungeon, but that hasn’t been 100% confirmed. You could do this in the Game Boy Advance games, but it’s unclear as to whether it carries over into the Switch version.

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Having the Rare Qualities ‘Squad Up’ and ‘Friendly’ will also help to increase recruitment rate too, so combining those with the item gives you the best chance of having Pokemon willingly join your team.

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While you can’t get the item until after you finish the story, having those Qualities will help boost your rate regardless, so it’s worth having those for the time being in any case.

It should also be noted that the Bow helps with adding shiny Pokemon to your team too – the guide for which can be accessed here.

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