Has Pokemon Home leaked Galarian Jynx?

Twitter: @AjebFLY

With the Pokemon Home app now over a week old, some clever trainers have had a chance to sift through the code. One trainer believes they have found evidence for Galarian Jynx!

Twitter user, mattyoukhana_, was the first to discover the potential of a Galarian Jynx. “Mysteriously within the app’s sound directory, data exists for a Cry similar to Jynx’s.” The cry is unmistakably similar but is clearly different at the same time.

Jynx cries

He provided a video showing the difference between the two cries, which can be heard below.

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Matt hinted that it could be a mega evolution. However, as we know mega evolutions don’t feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Another Twitter user replied seemingly certain it is in fact a Galarian form of Jynx. Courtesy of PokeliYT, they provided a video showing the cries of other Galarian forms such as Cursola and Sirfetch’d – which are also remarkably similar to their normal forms.

When could a potential Galarian Jynx arrive?

Obviously this is far from confirmed but with the inevitable Galarian additions to come in the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLCs – The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra – it seems unlikely it will be anything else.

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Elsewhere, another trainer (@AjebFLY) shared a concept design of what Galarian Jynx could look like, which can be seen in the featured image. It’s an impressive, unique design but given the drastic differences between the two we think the actual form will be a little more subtle. It is also a silhouette on the recently newly discovered Pokemon, which could still be Galarian Jynx.

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We’ll have to wait and see if Jynx finally gets an alternative form. Who knows, Pokemon Home may reveal other species ahead of time, too.