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Are there too many events in Pokemon Go?

Published: 8/Mar/2020 17:56

by Paul Cot


There have never been more events in Pokemon Go. Is there such a thing as too many, though?

The regularity of Pokemon Go events has been increasing every year since its release in 2016. There were 30 events in 2018, 34 in 2019 and 2020 is already on course to break that record again.

In addition to the more traditional events, such as the recent Valentine’s Day, there are actually more. For example, during the month of March, there is a special Raid Boss to battle against each weekend – another thing in a long list for trainers to consider.

Pokemon Go Multiple Versions Species
There are even multiple versions of particular species to catch in Pokemon Go…

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The increased schedule is hardly a surprise. With the mobile game approaching its fourth birthday, events are vital, if not needed, to keep trainers engaged. Like Pokemon themselves, the game has to evolve if it is to maintain its enormous popularity.


Are less events better?

However, there is a point where constant events can become overkill. Events need to feel special, something worth participating in.

If events do become too common then the incentive to be a part of them diminishes. After all, if you miss one you can just play the following one, as they are becoming an increasingly shorter distance apart anyway.

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Unfortunately, if there are events near on every weekend then they won’t have the desired effect of keeping trainers active. It can even have the opposite effect whereby it puts people off.

With so much going on in the world of Pokemon Go, players can begin to feel frustrated. Part of the game, and any other for that matter, is being able to stay on top of it.


No rest for trainers

Games such as Pokemon Go require you to invest a lot of time into it. From catching the numerous generations of Pokemon (Niantic is in the middle of its Gen 5 release) to keeping up with the latest meta, trainers have to be playing on a regular basis.

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With new species constantly being added, and events and their surrounding bonuses to take advantage of, it’s no wonder some quarters of the Pokemon community have revealed annoyance with the current state of the game. Referring to the Pokemon Go events notifications, Reddit user vesipyks makes the point: “When I read a post then I was not sure if I had the feeling of a need for a vacation from PoGo or actually I just lost motivation to stop playing overall.”


On top of all this there has been a huge change to Shadow Pokemon, resulting in the meta drastically shifting.

Niantic are an interesting spot right now. On one hand they need to keep users engaged, while not putting those same users off with too many events to keep up with. It will be interesting to see what happens in Pokemon Go over the next several months.