6 years later, Pokemon Go players share toxic names they used to give Pokemon

Zackerie Fairfax
pokemon go surprised pikachu

Some Pokemon Go players are sharing their long-time companions they’ve had since the game’s release, and they’re also showcasing the toxic or inappropriate names they were allowed to get away with back then.

Through the use of link cables, wireless trading, and now Pokemon HOME; trainers have been able to take their favorite companions with them from game to game. And with the National Pokedex growing larger with each gen, and more Pokemon getting cut from each game, having access to Pokemon from past games is more important than ever.

But there are some Pokemon that are just too special to transfer over to Pokemon HOME. They can be a Spinda caught in Pokemon BDSP or a Shadow Pokemon caught in Pokemon Go. Or maybe they are a bit more cheeky than that.

In the early days of Pokemon Go, players weren’t restricted by inappropriate text filters like they are today. Back when the west was wild and players weren’t censored, trainers were able to name their Pokemon any profanity they wanted.

Pokemon Go players share inappropriately named monsters

A bit of show and tell was started by Reddit user BigSnack4474 who posed the question, “Anyone else still have Pokémon with inappropriate names from the earlier days of the game?”

His post to r/pokemongo was accompanied by a photo of the trainers Ambipom caught on April 4, 2017, which they so graciously nicknamed “F**k You.” And, of course, several hundred comments shared their own Pokemon they took the liberty to grant horrible names.

“I still have my level 1 Shuckle that’s named F*ckle,” one user commented. While another shared, “I got a Fuckle, Shitmonlee, Shitmonchan, and the first Mewtwo I caught at an EX raid called F**k Yeah.”

Others shared more recent catches they were able to slyly nickname using special characters. One user shared a photo of their Beedrill they named “Bΐg Dΐck Bee” using an Iota in place of the “i’s”.

Sadly, these Pokemon are trapped in Pokemon Go. They can’t be transferred without losing their name, and the ban on inappropriate nicknames makes these Pokemon some of the rarest creatures in the franchise.

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