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5 original Pokemon that desperately need Galar region forms

Published: 23/Aug/2019 17:46 Updated: 25/Aug/2019 18:33

by David Purcell


Pokemon Sword and Shield are very much on the horizon and while the Galar Region is set to deliver a whole host of never before seen Pokemon, there are a few from the original series that could definitely benefit from a revamp.

The original Pokedex, from back when the franchise first started in 1996, had a total of 151 different species, some of which where tied to evolution chains and others being standalone creatures. 

However, since that time there have been a number of newer regions that impact not only the way some of those Pokemon look, but made big changes to their types as well.


NintendoWeezing’s look has changed dramatically for Pokemon Sword and Shield, but will there be more like it?

A number of species have already been confirmed to have a Galar region form, including Weezing and Zigzagoon, but that doesn’t mean to say that the developers won’t expand that list a little further.

So, let’s take a look at five of the older timers that could do with a fresh feel in the upcoming games.


Lapras, the water-type, was one of the most popular species of the first series and unlike many others in the original 151, has never been part of an evolution chain. 


The selection of Pokemon that have already been revealed for Sword and Shield appear to show that there could be a lot more steel types than we’ve come to expect from other areas.


Turning Lapras into a steel type with a new look is an interesting option that they could explore. 


This pick should honestly go without saying and it could work in a very similar way to Rattata’s Alolan region form. 


The beauty of the decision to change Rattata in the Alola region was that instantly players knew something was very different. 

Rattata and Pidgey are typically some of the most common to appear at the start of games, and freshening up Pidgey in a similar way would be a smart move. Based on the region emanating the United Kingdom, one idea could be to change its colors to reflect that of a crow or perhaps even a magpie – two birds found in the country. 



While we’re on the subject of birds, there’s another that could very well benefit from having a brand new Galarian form – Farfetch’d. 


With the new region looking to be very much centred around an industrial theme, it would be good to see Farfetch’d add another weapon to his arsenal and perhaps develop into another type. 

It’s a shame that this bird has never been given another evolution but a new form is another option to show us a different side of the character. 

Mr. Mime 

For those who have not seen the Detective Pikachu movie, Mr. Mime plays a big part and we get to see a different side of the character. 



With the new Galar region set to shake the pack once again, there’s no doubt that Mr. Mime should feature high on the list for new forms. 

It’s a much more complex species than many others of its time and really does replicate motions of a human, but we’d like to see a darker or more evil side come out.  

The first 151 added to the Pokedex have become much more than some of the newer additions, but icons of the franchise at this point. This could be a chance to reinvigorate Mr. Mime in a way we have seen before. 


Dragonair (but there’s a catch!)

Finally, this last suggestion would be something very different, although the potential to make it happen is definitely there – changing forms by evolution. 


Using Dragonair as an example, as it’s in the middle of its evolution chain, these Pokemon which appear to be normal in the first evolution could evolve into a Galarian form after evolving. 

This concept would not be restricted to just Dragonair, of course, as we don’t really know if it will feature in Sword and Shield just yet – with reports suggesting players won’t actually be able to complete the National Pokedex when the game releases on November 15. 

Nevertheless, it’s definitely something that would be interesting to see if it came about.

So, there you have it – five original Pokemon that we think should get a new Galarian form in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Did we miss any out?