31-year-old dad says Palworld made him realize all other modern games “suck”

Josh Taylor
A screenshot from Palworld which is described as Pokemon with guns

A 31-year-old dad who thought he “outgrew video gaming,” before discovering his love for Palworld, has now slammed modern games developed by AAA game studios.

Palworld’s record-breaking popularity has sent waves across the gaming community as its release saw it instantly surge to the top of the Steam and Game Pass charts.

The groundbreaking monster-catching survival game has led to millions dropping in to explore the vast worlds. This includes building and expanding their base, fighting enemies, leveling up and catching endless amounts of Pals.

One of these players who has been filled with praise for the new release is a 31-year-old dad who has revealed he has fallen in love with video games all over again after playing Palworld.

Palworld makes 31-year-old dad feel like a kid at Christmas again

Palworld player Different-Ad-3814 announced: “This game made me realize I never outgrew video gaming, modern games just suck.

“I’m a 31-year-old dad of 3 kids working 9-5 and have maybe 2-3 nights a week to game for a few hrs each session. It’s been impossible getting into modern AAA titles despite them mostly having positive reviews.

“Palworld made me feel like a kid playing on my GameBoy color for the first time on Christmas morning. Bravo to the dev team for finding that essence that seems to be lost in modern games nowadays.”

Various players flooded in to agree: “Most games feel like a job. Log in daily for rewards, complete tasks for battle pass skins, complete this challenge for a sticker on your gun etc. Palworld seems like it was made simply for people to enjoy playing.”

Another echoed: “Love games like this where I just do what I want, when I want, how I want, and don’t have to turn the game into a second job.”

Others even admitted they “I haven’t purchased anything by EA, Ubisoft, or Activision for years and really don’t feel like I’m missing out.” They instead turned to praise Indie Devs, such as Palworld’s developer Pocketpair, who they claimed “can take risks” in comparison to AAA game developers.

Overall, Palworld has continued to go from strength to strength, with players having continually put in countless hours and the community has already been anticipating future updates. Players won’t have to worry, as Pocketpair has already revealed their full roadmap for future updates to look forward to.

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