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Wholesome video shows the way Overwatch is meant to be played

Published: 12/Jul/2019 18:09 Updated: 12/Jul/2019 18:18

by Bill Cooney


A wholesome video gaining popularity on Reddit shows some fantastic teamwork, and is a great reminder to us all that Overwatch is meant to be a team-based game.

Despite what those instalock Widowmakers and Genjis will tell you, teamwork is obviously an important part of Overwatch – it’s why there are six players on each team in regular games instead of having the whole thing be one big FFA.

A new video on Reddit from user Drunken Queen that shows some great examples of teamwork in Overwatch is gaining popularity, probably because the game is a lot more fun with a little help.

Blizzard EntertainmentAna has saved a few lives with her sleep dart over the years.

The World could always use more heroes

The video is similar to your typical frag video, but instead of some “sweet” Hanzo shots, it features Overwatch teammates helping and saving each other.

There are plenty of great examples of players “peeling” for their supports, which is basically supporting your support players when they’re in trouble.

BlizzardIt’s probably a good idea to help Mercy out, sometimes.

It’s pretty impressive how a well-timed Zarya bubble can completely save a teammate and even turn around a teamfight in the process.

But, one user noted cheekily in the comments that it took Drunken Queen 2100 levels to put together 2 minutes of teammates being helpful, which probably has a bit of truth to it.

Even though some DPS players prefer to go off on their own and not be bothered by trifling thing like teammates, just from the video it’s obvious how far a little coordination with the rest of the team can go.

Hopefully Overwatch players who watch this video will realize how crucial it is to keep the rest of your team alive and lend a helping hand – your supports will thank you.

Overwatch Summer Games starting soon?

Speaking of supports, everyone’s favorite or least favorite support-based minigame – Lucioball – will be returning for this year’s Summer Games, which according to Jeff Kaplan, will start earlier than previous years this Summer.

Kaplan talked about the 2019 Overwatch Summer Games and Overwatch’s upcoming Hero 31 in the July 11 Developers Update, but he didn’t say exactly when the event would begin.

Lucioball will be back for Summer Games, whether you like it or not.

As for Hero 31, Kaplan did confirm that the upcoming hero would be a “he” during the update, but didn’t get any more specific than that.


Crafty Overwatch spot can give you the drop on Lijiang Tower

Published: 30/Nov/2020 1:27

by Bill Cooney


A new perch where Overwatch players can hang out has been discovered on Lijiang Tower’s Night Market stage, and it’s somewhere the enemy team will never think to look.

There are plenty of out the way and unexpected spots you can post up on in Overwatch, and the stages of Lijiang Tower contain a good number of them.

With plenty of roofs, walkways, nooks, and crannies, there are plenty of places to lay in wait for unsuspecting enemies, but this one discovered by Reddit user InfamousHandy on a whole other level.

Overwatch Lijang Tower Night market spot ( IDK if this spot was shown before) from Overwatch

In the area just outside the spawn room, there’s a building to the right (or left depending on which side you’re on) that’s covered in dark awnings. As you can see, with an ability like Reaper’s Shadowstep it’s actually possible to get up there and chill as long as you like.

If you can get up to this spot on the enemy side with your ult without being seen or destroyed, you have a chance to drop down and score some eliminations while the other team is still regrouping.

It’s not just Reaper who can reach it either, Echo, Pharah, and Lucio also can on their own, and any hero can as well with the help of Symmetra’s Teleporter. Just imagine what it would be like to get a Bastion up there.

The only downside is that to have any chance in a regular match of getting kills with this, you will most likely have to make your way to the enemy side of the map, which can be a challenge all on its own sometimes.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Side corridors are your friend for sneaking around on Night Market, shown here, ironically, during the day.

To increase your chances of making it across undetected, we’d suggest using the side corridors, if you lack a movement ability that lets you avoid the ground altogether, like Lucio.

With the Lunar New Year event coming right up after Winter Wonderland though, this strat might be worth keeping in your back pocket for those special Capture the Flag modes.